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The Saudi government cracked Amazon smartphone users


According to press reports, the government of Saudi Arabia has cracked phone Jeff Bezos, Amazon owner, and Washington Post. Bezos also & # 39 is one of the richest in the world, the goal itself is tempting, when it comes to spying.

Confirmation comes after a private investigation commissioned by Amazon CEO himself.

The Saudi government cracked Amazon smartphone users

Jeff Bezos Saudi spy targets?

They do not seem to be any doubt about the illegal access to the owner of Amazon smartphone. The second was completed private investigation, the government of Saudi Arabia has acquired personal data, in particular the content of intimate pictures, which reached US tabloid National inquiry, which has been accused of blackmail Jeff Bezos.

The discovery made in February Medium platform, Bezos revealed that he was on the & # 39; the object of attempts of extortion and blackmail on the part of the company, which is responsible for US tabloid. According to Jeff Bezos, was himself David Pecker, president of the American Media Inc., which owns National inquiry, which is in contact.

intimate photos and blackmail

Bezos said that he was threatened, and he was told that he could view photos and messages posted on the Internet that if the Washington Post did not give up an investigation that focused on the National Enquirer. It should be noted that in January, the National reported request romantic messages between Jeff Bezos and former TV presenter Lauren Sanchez, with whom he had an extramarital relationship.

The Saudi government cracked Amazon smartphone users

Gavin Becker, an investigator who was hired by Bezos has already passed all the information on the work of the US federal government. Investigative connects the attack on the smartphone Bezos in Saudi Arabia, it's because the Washington Post investigated and gave sufficient light to kill the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which took place last year and worked in the United States.

To remember In February, when Bezos has condemned the attempted blackmail of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia denies this and says that his country has "nothing to do" with the investigation National inquiry about the private life of the owner washington Post.

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