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A bananas may originate from Southeast Asia, but Brazil even in color, at every stage of cooking. When green, by the way, presents / displays large concentrations of leucocianidina, flavonoide is studied by the properties of its cicatrizantes.

Of the three varieties compared here, there was nothing to be desired in potassium doses, with little benefit for silver. Demand is good for sportsmen, who need to protect themselves from cramps.

"This trio is also a source of wildcard minerals, magnesium," said Nicole Trevisan, a nutritionist from São Paulo. "It works on various functions in the body, including heart rate and muscle relaxation," he explained.

In terms of taste, the golden banana is sweeter and beats the tastes of children. Just don't be fooled by size: even if it's small, it doesn't save on calories.

Meanwhile banana-terra is highly valued for roasting or baking. A very valuable ingredient in vegetarian recipes.


Silver – 98 lime

Gold – 112 lime

Earth – 128 lime


Perak – 358 mg

Gold – 355 mg

Earth – 328 mg


Gold – 28 g

Silver – 26 g

Earth – 24 g


Silver 26 g

Gold – 29.3 g

Earth – 33.7 g

Vitamin C

Perak – 21.6 mg

Earth – 15.7 mg

Gold – 7.5 mg


Gold 2 g

Perak – 2 g

Bumi – 1.5 g

(Value refers to 100 grams of food)


Silver 4 x Gold 2 x Earth 0

Source: Table of Brazilian Food Composition (Taco / Unicamp)


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