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Who forget the past, prisoners have no future, writes Bolsonaro – 03/31/2019


Today, the day that marks 55 years in 1964, a military coup in Brazil, the president Zheyr Bolsonaro (PSL) wrote during his visit to Israel, that "those who forget the past, prisoners have no future, dare and win."

The verdict, announced the social network sugor & # 39; e is published days after Bolsonaro encourages you to make "appropriate measures" in relation to the March 31, 1964, a date that has initiated a dictatorship that lasted until 1985. Orientation is not taken federal district judge to ban showing events coup last Friday (29), but the Federal court overturned the ban yesterday.

Also criticism MPF (Federal Public Ministry) and Anadef (National Association of Public Defenders), recommendation made by some & # 39; I and the dictatorship of the victims appealed to the Supreme Court (Supreme Court), which prohibits the holidays. The request, however, was rejected by the Minister Gilmar Mendes.

As I have repeatedly said in their speeches and interviews & # 39; w, "the president does not consider March 31, 1964 military coup," and 21 years of dictatorship were "to replace our country on the way," as the representative of the Presidential Palace the general Octavian Rego Barros, last Monday (25).

October 29, when he was a presidential candidate in an interview Bolsonaro denied & # 39; nd with TV Bandeirantes, Brazil experienced a dictatorial regime. "I have shown, and today the majority of the population believes that the military during the dictatorship was not, as the left has always preached," he said.

Even before entering the race for the presidency, Bolsonaro already showed enthusiasm for the period of the dictatorship.

In April 2016, during the vote on the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff, then Deputy Honored Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhant Astra, a former head of the DOI-Cody de Sao Paulo, the political repression of the military government agencies.

"In memory of Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhanta Astra, fear of Dilma Rousseff," he said at the time, to vote in favor of the mandate of the cancellation. Dilma was arrested in 1970 and tortured by agents of the dictatorship, and belonged to the armed struggle, formed the Brazilian left.

Bernardo Barbosa / UOL
Puppet representing Col. Carlos Alberto Brilhant Astra disturbed during the act in São Paulo Image: Bernardo Barbosa / UOL

Arrange allegedly led to the torture of political prisoners, as well as the former president. Or & # 39 is a bedside book Zheyr Bolsonaro, according to an interview with & # 39; nd the program Roda Viva TV Cultura, during the election period.

«The truth is suffocated" tells what happened during the dictatorship from the perspective of the military, saying "history that left Brazil want to know."

In addition, as a member in 2015, Bolsonaro celebrated the date of the coup, along with children and Flavio Eduardo, opposite the esplanade of the ministries. With firecrackers in his hand, he posed for photographs next to the poster "Congratulations, by the military. Thank you, Brazil Sun Cuba. "

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