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call director Diana Dimitrova «Spartak» with Bulgarian folk song


The actress plays in "Stolen Life" and "Throat D & # 39; the devil"

"This season, Dr. Ognianova have to think for yourself and for the" silence ". This character has gone through all the disasters. On abortion, rape, split shortly before her marriage to the man she loves and wants to hurt you to download all the masks to get to the truth, that she was not ready to continue. "

Analysis of one of the main characters in Doctor series "Stolen Life" with the & # 39 is actress Diana Dimitrova At the present time, except way doctors Ognyanova viewers Nova TV watching her and the crime series "Throat D & # 39;. The Devil", where the role of Marin – woman brutally murdered Karakehayov smugglers of migrants.

"This is a very gentle and delicate appearance. I knew it would be predizvitatelstvo for me, because it's far enough character, "said Dimitrova. This year is expected to be released and the tape


Antarctica "again

with her participation

There, the actress will play the character of "fun artlichnost with taste and style, but do not pretend. And at the same time a slave to his own demons. "Her name is Maria – Gallery profession.

Diana Dimitrova plays an important role in foreign productions. In a series of History Channel – «Spartak» plays a major role and is part of the skin of the Thracian witch who finally crucified. He fought for the role after three rounds of casting in England.

"I met incredible people who also & # 39 are high-level professionals. At the end of the shooting day of the team goes to a bar to dissolve tension, Maurice Sweeney, who has directed episodes of "Spartacus" asked me to sing the Bulgarian song when he sang: "Do not say love, a quiet night," he cried include Irish and Bulgarian songs. and created a lot of valuable friendship in this project, "says the actress. he played a ghost then that passes over the river Rubicon in the movie" eight days, that made Rome "(eight days, which made Rome). Photographed in the Hollywood production of" Death Race 4 "(Death race 4) together with Danny Glover and Danny three.

"For this role, also went through several rounds of casting, but from the first moment razbarah, that Don Michael Paul wanted to be in his film. Options & # 39; yaty people smell, and he wanted to just that. In the production there is a large percentage of the Bulgarian part, and I can name a few colleagues names, with whom I had the honor to partner again – Gift & # 39; I Simeon, Valeri Yordanov and Velislav Pavlov, "said Dimitrova.

Before you act, and the National Academy she studied one year at the National Academy. It can not determine which of them & # 39 is a great passion of his.

"I have big and small countries. I need to provoke and again. At the present time, it will definitely lead actress to act, but I do not like the definition.

Still from the film "Eight days, that made Rome", in which Diana Dimitrova contribution.

Employment and number

five independent


but I do not like the term "artist". Bulgaria is full of "hot" artists and mutresi, because I prefer to say, I'm just an idiot, "he said with humor Dimitrova. The most vivid memories of his students, not related to the coupons, because it was attended by only a few. Nevertheless, he was one of the most active protesters at the university.

"I firmly there and painted posters, as he did not have to sleep on the ground, in the hall of the building B,» recalls the actress.

The National Academy graduated with Prof. Atanas Atanasov, who had taught her to believe. And she believes that people can get a valuable lesson from this, that to delve into the containers or one that works in a slaughterhouse. Although it is known from the TV screen Dimitrova played on stage.

"I played three years at about mono performances" Nevertheless, "in different places. In our world, which is impregnated with violence


the smart thing

that can

make a "creator"


Spectators three spans

above ground

Everything else is easy and old, she says, and admits that he can not make a comparison between this photo and movie to come out in front of a full theater room. Although elected to the National Academy of NAA, it is not completely lost all visual arts. Recently I made an exhibition of his paintings in a row. Painting with & # 39 is a vent through which the "strip" the tension and find new horizons for expression. She writes children's books.

"I do it for the children and see that it makes sense. I saw the smiles of children who are in a crisis center. I can not say much about your experience, but now it's personal. Then he answered the question about why I'm doing this, "says the actress.

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