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Coop gap against Slavia stopped in September, but the "white" Europe closer boom (Video + Gallery) – First League – BG Football


Slavia and September (Sofia) ended 0: 0 in the capital derby in the first round of the playoffs in the group "B" of the second six. White created numerous chances in the first half, but the visitors' keeper Janko Georgiev was second to none, and affects many dangerous shots that have become the hero for his team.

Although equality Slavia almost guarantee you one of the first two places in the group, giving the right to participate in the jump-off for the Europa League as players Zlatomer Zagorsik kept the 12-points advantage over today's competitive five rounds before the end.

Slavia could open the scoring in the 4th minute after a curious manifestation Fabiano Alves. Footballer September tried to knock the ball to hit the scissors, but it is not, send it to the uncoated George Yomov outside yard box. Talent white, but the shot wide.

In the 18th minute the hosts had a chance to score again. Samples Yomov and shipped right to Radi Kirilov, Bulgaria citizen to shoot well in a difficult position, sending the ball into the bottom right corner, but Georgiev outstretched hand and wineries. A little later Karabeliova threaten the door of September, but the visitors survived again.

In the 24th minute they conceded a row white situation. Kirillov find Ashkovski you from shooting without a delay of 13-14 meters, but by the right post. Total 120 seconds, very active Kirillov administered once to rush down the left, but his shot from an acute angle is not difficult Georgiev.

Slavia continued to attack and on 29 minutes, Yanko Georgiev three times saved the shots of players in white. This was after another dangerous attack left distinguishing rádi Kirillov. The first guard in September reflects Velkovski 13-14 meters shot, and then adding Yomov, which was again saved. Then the third player in white try to realize, but the ball stopped at the foot of defender.

The visitors nearly scored counterattack. Zdravko Dimitrov Glisic found that shooting from ten meters in the corner Georgiev, but his fame has responded well and turned a corner.

After the break, scoring significantly decreased in September tied the game and looked more boldly against the opposition goal. In 67 minutes, both teams exchanged dangerous shot on Galchev and Onuoha. Effect of lung defender came to the corner, and after his speech undeciphered Georgiev went forward, but reserve Shpolyarich not take advantage in the best way and fired from just outside the penalty area over the crossbar.

Until the end of the match Slavia tried a few attacks outside the penalty area, but they are not bothered by a bunch of September.

Deputies – 27th round:

Slavia – September 0: 0

fame: 13. Georgiev, 27 Onuoha 3. Maremma, 6. Humanes, 19. 37. Velkovski Ashkovski, Ouzounov 23., 10. Karabeliova 11. Petkova, 35 Yomov 9. Chunchukov

September: 21. Georgiev, 8. Galchev, 23. 10. Djulgerov Chandarov, 7. 22 Stoichkov Rousev, Glishik 19. 13. 20. Dimitrov Nikolov Mandiango 16. 26. Alves

judge: George David
stadium: "Slavia"
HOME: 18:15

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