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Dido from D2 starts his day with ginger and honey with tahini


Deyany Stone, lead singer of the group D2, loves to cook, but cooking the home of his wife Julius tower.

"My wife is half Russian and half Ukrainian. The offensive in the kitchen and did not allow me to do something, "Stone joked. He took care of the kitchen just the way she wants – in turquoise and pink. "Every time I want to help her something tells me that I'm a terrible waste, and it looks like after the war," he laughs.

His wife knows how to vary the menu a few & # 39; and. Sometimes prepared typical Russian dishes as boiled potatoes with herring, onions and lemon, sometimes turns in the Italian cuisine, with & # 39 are typical of a risotto and pasta, selects a third time Mediterranean dishes.

Grandparents singer living in Vidin. Every time they come to visit, often to help in field work, ordering the beans in the oven. His grandmother prepared it differently. "With half a bottle of oil, and an awful lot of onions. A rather thick, "he laughs of Dido, but

each time after

it licks your


As a child, he did not show much interest in cooking. "Only my final product was interesting, when my mother or my grandmother cook", he jokes. When he was 15-16, the very beginning to prepare some things. Fried fillet, french fries, etc. "Later, I began to enjoy myself doing salads. Mexican cuisine is very interesting to me. This can make things 2-3 supergotino «, he said. Some of them Quesada and guacamole.

Perhaps, a wonderful combination of flavors makes 12, for use in chocolate biscuits for the child breakfast. "I think that it is lubricated with oil, honey and put a piece of Hamburg's salami" he recalls with a laugh stone.

The singer is not afraid to improvise. "The last thing I made a salad. I asked my wife to come out of the kitchen, which was with great difficulty somewhere in half an hour, "joked Dido. B lettuce, grated carrots and cut into very thin strips of apple. He added, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, avocado and smoked salmon. Season it with lemon and olive oil. The very combination of fruit and salad was very good. "I love the food more interesting," he says. Perhaps because, as different tastes – sharp, harsh, sour, etc.

He is a supporter of all foreign cuisines. In recent years, mostly Chinese. "India is my favorite and interesting.



dishes without meat

Sushi also love to eat. Except meat menu to try everything with pleasure and freedom, "says Stone.

He is a vegetarian 8-9 years. "I eat the occasional fish or seafood, but try not to overdo it. There are periods in which the animal products, such as cheese, eggs, etc. I use very little, "says the singer.

"At least for myself, I think that if I can live without making any suras & # 39; oznyh damage the animal, I would be happy," he said.

To keep your body in good shape, every morning, eat ginger with tahini and honey. "This is a common immune booster, modern words. This is very useful, wakes up and a cool thing, "says Stone. The mixture helps his voice. Last song D2 with & # 39 is the "Mars" and was created mainly Mitya and as a group bassist Alexander Obretenov. "There is something new thoughtfully. Maybe in 3-4 months, and it will see the light, "says Dido.

He likes to keep in shape. He admits that at the present time there are some additional kolograma, who wants to download, but

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day and tries



"I'm such a fanatic that all day just practicing and drink fresh candy," says Stone.

When they combined periods of more frequent meetings with friends or holidays on which a table is always full of food, just trying to balance the balance a few days later for a snack and exercise outdoors.

His recipe:



2 corn

cakes *

red beans


1 slides,

1 sweet pepper




cheddar optional

spices optional

cooking method

Cut the peppers and onions.

Very briefly fry them in a pan.

Crushed red beans and mix it very well with them.

Flavor with spices of your choice.

Place the mixture on a tortilla.

Leaving it in the pan to seal on one side. Sprinkle with parsley, add the grated cheddar cheese, if desired.

Seals with another cake.

Bake on both sides to melt the cheese is nice.

Serve sprinkled with a large number of guacamole.

* You can choose to cook them yourself, instead of buying them in a store.

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