Thursday , April 9 2020
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"Fins" in the "Earl" could not stop it from Pluto "Audi"


Impudent driver parked his car in the capital's street "Graf Ignatiev", in spite of such limitations. Picture of a sealed criminal with & # 39; appeared in a group of Facebook «seen in Sofia."

"No" shark fin "concrete blocks have to put .." writes the author of the post in which suddenly a & # 39 is over a stormy debate.

Most people do not hide their anger against the blatant act of the driver. «Eyy..prost and impudent people .." just one of the comments began with the & # 39; to appear under the photo.

Incidentally, the fins will not spend most of the main street of the iron pegs will be put out of their place. When the wires replaced after several people came to them.

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