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Game of Thrones, the Battle of Winterfell, and who died in epizode-


We begin with a warning to all those who have not watched an episode of the final season 3 Game of Thrones – after a speech in the story.

Even before the start of the eighth season, we know that Episode 3 will be a great battle between the living and the dead. Perhaps because of this incident, it is not completely to our surprise, shock or … impression.

Before counting the hero who died thinned white Brodnica clarify one more problem with the episode – it was not very clear what is happening and who is killing whom it was very dark, and a big part of the time.

The creators of the series have an explanation for this – winter has come, can not be brighter. But the fact that the voltage watching the episode did not come from what happens in it, and the efforts that we are to understand what is happening on the screen. Who is the victim …

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Ed Mount

The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch was able to save the life of Samuel Tarli, but then he died after being stabbed white brodnik.

vine Mormont

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The death of little housewife Bear Island, as it was the most impressive scene in the episode. She was literally crushed by a giant undead, but could not destroy it moments before his death, stabbed him in the dragon's glass eyes.

Berwick Dondarion

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Brought up to six times Berwick died heroically, blocking the path to Brodnica Ar & # 39; Ian Stark and greyhound.

Teona Greyzhoy

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Another Death Foretold – Teona finally managed to redeem himself at Stark as a sacrifice to save Bran Stark. Last called it a "good guy" moments before falling defeated by Teona Night King.

night king

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Within a few months, he suggested that the King of the night will be erased from the Ar & # 39; Ian Stark. At the beginning of the episode, which was confirmed our views that the red priestess gave her at the beginning of the fight. Then straight to her, he said, while the list of eye colors. Finally, Arya actually managed to kill him with a dagger valirianska steel Pinky that you – of course, followed by the destruction of all white and undead Brodnica.


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Red priestess predicted his own death in this episode ( "I'll be dead before dawn"), do it before the Lord and Varis in the previous season. But I could not help the living, to win the battle against the dead with the help of the Lord of Light, while Jon and Daenerys useless talentless and swam in the icy clouds, not knowing where they are. Because you can not support the two most powerful magical beings in the world and to do such a stupid thing, even down to the barge in one but not the enemy.

After the destruction of Night King, Melisandre lifted the necklace was grown old, it really is, and died in the snowy fields of Winterfell.

Jorah Mormont

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Sir Jory died only logical way that comes to mind – protecting Daenerys. After she fell with Drogon, Jori managed to alienate pretty undead, but fell wounded and left the Brood Mother cries inconsolably for him.

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