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Ilan Musk signed another agreement: no tweets to Tesla without the permission of the lawyer


Another clash founder and owner of CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Ilana mask with watered Commission Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been identified the signing of a new agreement, Billionaire retreated and agreed to tighter monitoring of publications in his personal Twitter page at positions that affect the Tesla.

Recall that the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ilan masks and request its removal from Tesla management. The reason for the suit to & # 39 is a bad tweet since August 2018. "I turned to Tesla for $ 420 to a private company". SEC requested the removal of the mask Tesla management to a comprehensive ban direct any public companies. Ultimately, Musk and Tesla paid a total of $ 40 million, and he left the seat on the board.

But in February this year, Musk published another, seemingly quite innocuous tweet with the image of thousands of new electric Tesla, for the European market, and said it has set a target in 2019 for the production of 500,000 electric.

SEC considers that publication of the preliminary agreement and violation of said Musk without warning investors revealed important information about the company. Billionaire criticized the SEC, that before this committee was to consider the transcript of the meeting with investors and analysts, and that everything is clear, and everyone knows what Tesla plans.

District Judge of the Federal Court in Manhattan Christopher Nolan called on both sides to a reasonable settlement. a new agreement was reached.

The agreement is a long and severely limits Ilan musk in terms of what you can write on Twitter for his car company.

Agreement agreement must be approved by the court.

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