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Italian Plum lived in a ghetto love Bulgarian folklore


Mario Zambrini wants to learn to play our music on her accordion

"It's not just the music that kept me in Bulgaria. When you speak with other Italians, who also chose to live here, I can see that, for whatever reason, feel good in this place, "said Mario Zambrini.

First set foot in the country in 2017 comes to the festival «Surva» Pernik. A few months before seen photos dressed in the Internet and have decided that we have to see them live. Very impressed with his Bulgarian horo. "Young, old, male, female, all dancing together in a chain. Maybe someone who is very rich and very poor one, but it does not matter. All share the spirit, "says Mario.

From small, playing the piano, but his passion with the & # 39 is an accordion. He started to learn to play for 2009, watch videos on YouTube. Fire with the & # 39 is Balkan music group "Hawk". "For Italians, Balkan songs Goran Bregovic, but it is only 1% of this kind of music," Mario says.

One year after his first visit to Bulgaria realizes that if he wants to learn to play the accordion well, you need to study the instrument in a music school in the country. "I learned about the boiler, Plovdiv and Sofia. I was talking with a teacher in Plovdiv, and he told me that I need 3000 euros for the first year in which to learn Bulgarian, "Mario says. Then back to Italy and he worked as an animator in the seaside resorts to collect the necessary money. He graduated from web design to their homeland, but does not want to deal with it.

This shows that you can not save as much money and look for another option, to be closer to his dream, at least geographically. Again he came home and became a volunteer in "Lust for Life".

Thus, in the end

drain ghetto

In the first nine months of the social worker in the Roma school. Teach children sexually shows his alcohol and drug risks. "I could see a gypsy wedding, meet good musicians," says Mario.

After the program returns to his homeland, but he never stopped dreaming about Bulgaria. So to get a job in one of the largest call centers in the country. Get an answer instantly. "Everything happened so fast. In Italy never happened to me, I get a response from the company immediately, "says Mario. After passing several interviews & # 39; w, awarded the contract. Shortly before Christmas comes around again in Bulgaria and runs the right job. We now move on to lessons in Bulgarian language, because


He must know the language

good level

Plovdiv his favorite city. "It reminds me of Bologna. There are a lot of young people. Tranquility is a cultural city. The architecture is also very beautiful, "says Mario.

Besides folklore Zambrini already attracted to our country more. Or rather someone else. Within a few months the girl next to him Bulgarian. She loves to blame the Bulgarian folklore, because it meets all together Pernik Festival "Survila." For a long time, Mario's parents were against it, to live in Bulgaria. "People come to Italy!" Exclaimed his father, but now it's different. Mario even help their parents financially, he managed to save from the Bulgarian salaries.

Unfortunately, not all of his stay in our country pink. Several times already become victims of aggression. After the n & # 39; Yanagi skinhead his hitting several bursts of screams and did not speak Bulgarian. "We were in the NPC Metro with your friends. We took part in the initiative dance and suddenly there & # 39 this aggressive man with a leather jacket and boots, "says Mario. At the last festival «Surva» again

before his eyes

attack their


The boy was wounded in the back, but the police did not react. "These two situations are, of course, will not happen to me in Italy. If there is a party, do not expect someone to be aggressive. Everyone is there to have fun, not to fight, "said Mario, but none of this does not discourage us from the Balkan country.

Zambrini fully retains its Italian mentality. If you buy a beer, for example, he & # 39 is mandatory, Bulgarian production, because he wants to support the economy and the money can not go outside the country in which he lives. This is a typical Italian practice. Mario tries to advertise Bulgaria among his countrymen. He created a website in Bulgaria La Italiani on Facebook, which contributes to our culture and attractions.

"I believe that I do not think in this country that outside better. Or go abroad and come back, because you will see that things are not as glamorous there, "said the Italian of all potential immigrants.

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