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Lawyer specify which connections actually most positions Cobra after a kiss


Kiss Kubrat bullet and reporter Jenny Sushi ruffled feathers around the world last week. Our champion European Boxing Stand Petrov described the kiss in gratitude Kubrat to the reporter, but in any case not about violence. "After each game, especially in the case where the stakes are high, there is a lot of pressure. After the match the mood upbeat. In this sense I ascribe emotions, "he said bTVa Stand Petrova.

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According to the lawyer Yordanka Bekirska, executive director of the Foundation "Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights", the lack of agreement in a spontaneous kiss with someone who is not with & # 39 is your relative, it can not be accepted by any international standards and there is no one country. According to her, now he is vulnerable, and his silence this question. She said that the publication of the video, in which Jenny danced provocatively, again without his consent, aggravated further its position.

Stand Petrova explained that perhaps the topic was the fruit of this broad discussion, because it is unusual and not often happen in boxing. Bekirska lawyer added that the only thing that will be discussed in court or with the & # 39 is the reporter agreed that a kiss will not discuss her behavior before and after the match, or her clothes. "I do not deny that she & # 39 is a victim of sexual harassment. I say that, in principle, where there is no agreed upon between two people, that is the problem, "said Yordanka Bekirska.

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