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"Military" sank in the magic bait Godsmack (PHOTO) ::


"I made the decision for myself and the group, who will play in this country, if we do concerts," she vowed to stage a magnetic American with Italian roots Sully beads, trying to close the first Godsmack concert in Sofia. But supporters were so enthusiastic about the infinite energy of the wild music, which did not have any intention to place the group to go – too long been waiting for her to come to the capital and stoically suffered the cancellation date of the last drop. "I was waiting for this show for a year," he said, stroking the ego of the native fan beads.


Dvanadesettehilyadi in "Armeec" fully deserved flirts with stellar musicians, with & # 39 is one of the few indications that

The next generation of Metallica and Slayer

there are heirs in a difficult genre

This is a fairly long declaration of love was preceded by more than an hour of exchange, an inexplicable energy between the stage and the auditorium, from which whistled real spark, and musicians have acquired tools, the audience vibrated with each pull the string, each punch plates. How is the fishing rod shaman Sully many only one small gesture or a nod of the head, and the room started moving wave of human bodies. This is, perhaps, were the incredible pleasure of the four scenes – Sully beads behind a microphone and a guitar, Shannon Larkin on drums, guitar and Tony Rombola Robbie Mayor – genius bass left-handed.

The group included the first time in the world tour of Sofia, which is a great success and it is the newest album If The Legend Rise. They opened with the title track, show that it is not leaving time to prepare raw nerves hit the crowded room. and

It did not reduce the rate of a moment

in the loaded songs everyone was singing with them – 1,000 hp, screams Like A Bitch, Unforgettable, Voodoo (inspired music Dead Can Dance Lisa Gerrard, who has repeatedly admitted that from the very beginning of his car & # 39; EASURES based on Bulgarian folklore recording even in the last year full album "Mystery of the Bulgarian voices") were just some of the pieces that were kept in 100% of the audience and if you think that the music of the Var & # 39;. Jacek group is energized, that she had seen the behavior of frontman Sully balls. Sun stop working for three microphones, which were location with us on the stage, climbed the pillars of which were played as the Var & # 39; yaty, rushed among his colleagues perpetummobile, which excludes and does not stop talking.

In fact, less energetic American Italian started his car & # 39; a career as a drummer and

Eddies in the rear part of the scene about the 30th anniversary

Spinning rods 4 years out of the basement of his home, where his father showed him the first blow. Pretty child chooses the path of the musician, but it takes a long time until he found the right formula and place into a successful group. With the creation of Godsmack, everything happens for a few weeks, and he throws the first plate and grabs a microphone. It turns out that brutally strong charisma and his place there – in the light of the following spots. However, the drums in his soul. Maybe that's why chemistry with Shannon Larkin not only on stage, but in real life is so strong, and they are inseparable. A concert for the chosen dates are standing against each other in epic "drumbeat" (Battle of the drums). The audience in Sofia was an incredible opportunity to experience these emotions live. The platform on which a plurality of Larkin were placed turned and gave this place a second platform with a different set, sitting balls. The two sometimes competing, sometimes playing in unison, combining skill and wild energy with an instrumental medley of some of the biggest rock hits.

Bars were flying in the air, spinning both platforms

and Sally and Shannon now plays do, sometimes sitting with the occult rhythms mesmerize the audience.

The other part, and an official came to an end. But it was clear that Godsmack will just go away. Therefore, the frontman of the advantage and began to impose conditions to return to the group under the lights. Correction was "you repeat only two words:" Go, "and if you do well, I swear,

Tomorrow we go to Bucharest, I'll be the first person to get on stage and tell the Romanians that women compared to you

Naturally hall roared full-throated and woman recording the concert finals team. We asked no two fans are also some of the conditions, as is customary, rather than three, as the best audience, but the four-song encore.

Returning to the scene was unusual. Sully was for the keys to make "different" tracks from the new album, which is called under the scar and the name and the founding of the group, which will begin next week and will be fighting for the lives of people suffering from depression and addiction, "I have lost enough friends for this. They have gone to great musicians like Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, "we moved to Sully and spoke in detail about his new venture. Then, abruptly changed the subject and mood, and even a surprise for the team from the group came from a prescribed list of predetermined break portion, which is rarely the right to life – a cover of The Beatles «Come Together». As the shock wave, which is faced with a wall rang a chord in the audience disbelief, and she literally compote & # 39; yavalasya and beads falling vipers smiles of pleasure, enjoying the "slave" for 12,000 people. The case has set a long-awaited Stand Alone Godsmack and always promises to return in Sofia, where they like kings.

A few hours after the concert on your personal Facebook profile Sully wrote: "It was epic, Sofia, Bulgaria!

Forever my heart is in your hands

Thank you for being amazing. Thank Ciela publishing house, I gave my resume "Roads that we choose" in Bulgaria. "I'll never forget tonight. Until next time"

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