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New research hijacker Perry, sealed unit "Cobra"! It turned out that works …


Featuring MIA topkradets car Pavlin Petrov named Perry officially worked as a mechanic. He has a contract to work in one of the reputed companies offering similar services. If someone locked the keys in the car or can not open it, you can refer to Perry, it became clear in the Sofia District Court, writes "Telegraph".

The legal profession of the accused, who has a university degree and a master's degree, was part of the defense case of his lawyer. How Blitz said Perry was arrested Tuesday along with his mistress in a stolen jeep.

Perry's lawyer, however, there is no evidence that the Peacock has some relation to the car theft. Protection noted that Perry had actually gone on Nissan in connection with his official profession and had no idea that the car he wanted.

Warranty 1500 leva in which Perry was released, came as a birthday present. The reason is that 29 he was 44 years old. For lighter content contributed to the conviction Peacock, has two children. Moreover, the provisions of which he and his girlfriend were before the & # 39; revealed by the prosecution was the wrong date. The documents, which at the time of the crime they were in custody.

The hostess Perry was released without bail, because they do not detect prohibited articles in it, and the woman takes care of 12-year-old child.

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