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policy | Ninova: Parvanov stealing the name "Coalition for Bulgaria" to help GERD


Cornelia Ninova 49 & # 39 entrance BSP

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Cornelia Ninova 49 & # 39 entrance BSP

As I stood at the main entrance in the country, to try to return to politics in the back, stealing their party's name to help his rival … Hey God, President of the State Georgi Parvanov, is I do not understand "Thus, the BSP leader said Cornelia Ninova the party of President Georgi Parvanov (2002-2012 years) – ABC with & # 39 appears on the elections in a coalition called ". Coalition for Bulgaria ".

Under this name was presented in a coalition with the BSP election 2001 2013 Ninova said Divotino sure not to become the new "Coalition for Bulgaria".

"Coalition for Bulgaria" will be born and to defend the idea of ​​Bulgaria policy requires it, he said Georgi Parvanov said at the "Focus". "At the moment, with the & # 39 is the name of a new coalition in the public domain, I have read the various comments and jokes," he said.

"For the three of us (with Rumen Petkov Kalfin) feeling. 20 years ago with Mr. heels, together with prof. Stealing the heel, Nikolay Kamov, Alexander Radoslav formed a coalition to put foundations of the real value of the work, both social and national, "he added. According to Parvanov management model in the country should be changed. "We have an alternative to the duopoly of the Bulgarian politicians," Parvanov said. According to him, the policy of the country to make it to generate ideas and scandals. Parvanov said that the "Coalition for Bulgaria" remains open to include other political parties in it.

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