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Powerful telescopes rebellion against the "drops" – Curious – News lifestyle, style, diet, fashion


"Like two peas", undoubtedly one of the most popular and interesting programs in his native air. Not by chance is currently in the seventh season of the show. But it seems that now everything is to think, repeating the same songs and jokes that do not go unnoticed by the audience. Mass people complain about the monotony, which offer them the producer of the show.

The audience "droplet" believe that in seven seasons, offering them the same repertoire, changing only participant. Simulated images do not cease to repeat. "New songs and contemporary artists to submit BG music is not only Titus, Dara and Jerry Nicole – there are other, popfolka not only Sofi Marinova, Alex Roman and Milka Kaleydzhiv World artists young audience does not know them! give a more appropriate rating and reach new heights, "reads one of the comments on the official website.

"Add a new, fresh and modern songs! Losing audience and transmission becomes more stupid with these banal way, "he wrote one viewer imitatorskoto show. Everyone knows that the" Key of Destiny "in order to deceive and that will simulate the participants pre-selected according to their personal preferences and recommendations of teachers of music shows. It However, viewers want to watch different images. They quoted Madonna as an artist, which is most of their patients in order to observe the scene, "drop".

Archive of all seven seasons shows that there really is a lot of repetition, not only artists, but even songs. A brilliant reincarnation of Stefan Ilchev in Modern Talking and «Cheri, Cheri Lady" is not from the & # 39 is new to the show scene. In 2015 the same piece represented by Maria Ignatova and Rumen Ugrinski.

In 2014, actress Stefania Koleva enter TEM leather and sang the hit "Woman of All Time". Two years later, the same image and display the young singer Michael Marinova. The same image is clearly save on the budget as there is no need to sew new costumes or make wigs. They use old, and this is most evident in the two simulations. With the same imitation of the show presented by Ivo Tanev.

Double imitated and «Wha never heard" of the gifts. And while in 2016, this song has been updated and a cat Kalka download a short stick with an imitation of it to date simulation of Hans Papi to this part was not necessary, because no one remembers it, and many did not leave the next big hit. There are more modern and interesting details that cause much greater interest. But to say that this effect is sought proximity poet Dara and that they were boyfriends until recently.

Lili Ivanova from their stars, perhaps the majority of simulations, and everyone wants to be, at least, for our big star. In addition, her songs are timeless hits, and it will generate a stream of positive vote. As Lily on stage they appear Slavin Slavsheva Preslav, Joan Bergendorf, Julie Katz Boshevoy Vaptsarov Deyany Donkey Azis, Lucy Diakovska. Vanya Kostova we saw Danielle, Gold Raikov Gerasimos Georgiev – Gera.

Madonna imitated in every season, sometimes more than once wrote The shoes came Stefan Ilchev, Eagle Pavlov, Bashar Rahal, Gold Raikov, Vanilla Ice, Milena Markova – poppy, Desi Bakardjieva etc.

Old-Cher You are also & # 39 are neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the show. Her skin prevaplatiha Diana Lyubenova Alex Kozhuharov, Philip Avramov, Milena Markova – Poppy, Danielle, and Sofia Marinova Sofi is Djamdjiev. Britney Spears is not just on the stage of "drops" imitated Constantine, Kalin Vratsa, Miro, Sophia Djamdjiev.

Very rarely during the season was a recent piece that put a breath of fresh air. One viewer even made an offer to the producer Maggie Halvadjian: «Do week instead" button on their success, "a song for each participant will be determined by a poll among viewers Let's determine what song to sing (only one alive), so we will give. Perhaps, like Steven sing really "male" track, not just women imitation (which is constantly damaged by the jury). Prove that does not install or Mary to beat in the final, as well as the assumption the viewer. "

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