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Rate World Good hit 10 grand an hour!


"Do not get out of bed for less than 10 grand piano." This remark may seem familiar with the not so distant past, like a supermodel Linda Evangelista brand. It is actually written in the prime of his shiny car & # 39; EASURES. But these days, and on the home territory of the phrase comes from the mouth of the TV presenter and reality TV heroine Mira Good write. «Weekend».

Positive pretty blonde, who scatter their humility and kindness live in the past season of "Big Brother" has a different face. It is much more focused on business than a spiritual image that many hold support. And his English mask sharp fall, when money is involved.

"10 Grand" corresponds strictly business voices wife JORO Tornev any call he takes part in an official event.

For less than this amount, the world of good not honored its presence even for an hour or a secular party, the company, even charities point out familiar with the tariff blondes. Thus the cost of the leading BNT exceeds Lady paid positioning secular meetings Nicoleta Lozanov. Tariff much younger mates, at least 3 times lower than in the 46-year-old lady BNT tyuhkat close to the former Bojinova.

Perhaps because of this little samozavishena values ​​in recent World Good disappeared from secular life. Her colleagues were of the opinion that its absence from the "common people" of events, does not mean that management did not toured in private "secret parties", in which the oligarchs could pay for it.

Even more interesting is that, other than driving and paying guest events, or maintain this high standard, to Mira Dobreva twists and other talents. It turns out that there is a cutie Unexpected anyone strengths – namely, history. Blonde serves as a consultant to show «Istoriya.BG» – her name with the & # 39 is in the credits.

Thanks to a wide general knowledge (because the world is much more than a pretty face), in particular – a deep knowledge of medieval history, the Renaissance and all the wars in which our country has never participated, the director's wife JORO Tornev, otherwise economist makes a contributions to each issue of historical transmission, a favorite of many viewers of public television. She consults cultural anthropologists, Thracologists, medievalist and theologians and any other specialists?

"Pay for it is hard work, hardly 10 big, but it's something," commented fellow blonde management.

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