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Slavisa Stojanovic in Delio Rossi shoes

Slavisa Stojanovic allegedly different from Delio Rossi, but come November and came into his shoes. They may actually fit him perfectly. Right on Nov. 25 last year, it became clear that the Italian is really not a magician and Levski will closely watch the battle between Ludogorets and CSKA title. Oddly enough, all repeats, but even more painful this time. Rossi completed his first 16 games with a strained last minute victory over the faith after a controversial goal Yablonsky.

Now, however, it was obvious Levski crisis recording a second consecutive loss in the league. In this house 1: 3 Botev (Bp). Thus, the "Blue is now four points behind CSKA and objectives 7 Ludogorets. Last year it was slightly worse in this regard, but now it does not like. In addition, in the autumn of 2017 team »Gerena« has never missed the main goal, which was announced before the tournament begins. – Bulgaria's Cup now, when life-saving straw, however, no longer exists Burned in Varna and this trophy was a major task that has been placed in front Slavize Stojanovik he … he recognized now remains only one – the championship .. There should be close Ludogorets on, but before CSKA, however, the situation is slipping out of control after the loss of Botev (Bp) The match, which came in the lighter Especially after Stojanovic managed to fool his colleague Sasho Angelov more his debut … – 2 :. 0 in Montana now, however, the opposite occurred, indicating that Slavisa became predictable for my colleagues and the fact that Levski error for the third time after the national team break under his leadership, is already talking about a problem that. Stojanovic was unable to find a solution.

Strange looks and solutions rotations in the starting lineup, except that with Obertan wing. Bellaid, perhaps, pulled the handbrake once stood order. Reis made sitting a lot better than Yablonsky Thiam. The changes, which also does not lead to anything. "Blue" simply threw the ball in the field of Botev and becomes easy prey for the master. This showed that in May Levski NO Plan B, if the meeting does not develop as planned. Residents of Sofia has only one turn, so they had to Stojanovic. "Step by step, game by game," he said at the beginning of his strong series, but it is clear that the good results they were able to quickly continue along that anything can happen more easily than first thought. Did not help him and people around him rather than one or two and some cake and a & # 39;.. there Delio Rossi – Assen Bacharach and Todor Sims apparently, however, they are excellent after a failed attempt to help the foreman, in order to prevent the suction cup from the Botev (Bp ). It is true that the "blue" have a large number of players and people need to exercise more, but the roofing and the placement of sticks – it is not.

Another fact, which connects Russia and Stojanovic in a situation that fell in November. Then the same thing happens in the regrouping control. Delio rid of Borimirov and Assen Bakar was re-appointed to his position, but as a sports technical coordinator. Now it was announced the arrival of Pavel Kolev as CEO and Krasimir Ivanov becomes the only financial. Last year, it was over quickly and with the scandal, which upheld the opposition Levski Rossi. Now, apparently, some people think more about what will happen after January 1, and is not present. And it was clear – the more errors can not be tolerated. Well, the "blue" took my very first. And come four.

In Slovenia: Levski is on the verge of crisis

In Slovenia: Levski is on the verge of crisis

"Idyll with Slaviza Stojanovik house completed," says media

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