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Tesla is gaining momentum in Europe


Despite the huge loss in the first quarter of this year (more than 702 million. Dollars), the US electricity producer Tesla has something to boast about. In the US and Europe as the company with the & # 39 is a strong leader in the segment of electric vehicles, says
On the & # 39; the amount of Tesla sales on the continent is almost the same as in the US. For three months in the United States sold 22.425 units, while in Europe – 19 500. And, given the fact that the supply of Model 3 in the European market only began in February.
The EVS American brand is also very far ahead, as those in the second and third place – Zoe Renault and Nissan Leaf, sold just over 10,000 copies each company. The top five also includes the BMW i3 and the electric Volkswagen Golf, while crossovers Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron far behind.

However, the meeting and the issues Tesla – both in Europe and the United States. Issue 3 models in the market led to a reduction of 40% in demand for expensive crossover sales model X. A Model S has fallen by as much as 60%, which can not but be concerned because these two electric bring great profit.

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