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Tesla reduces prices for solar cells by more than 38%


Tesla (Tesla) plans to & # 39; to reveal today that it has started selling solar panels and related equipment for more than 38% below the average price in the country. This was about the & # 39; revealed today. "New York Times" said on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The company aims to reduce the price of standardizing systems and requires the customer to order goods over the Internet, the newspaper said.

Announced reduction of 36% in prices for solar installations in the first quarter, Tesla announced last week that it is introducing a new price for solar technology and sales strategy, without further details.

In 2016 a manufacturer of electric vehicles purchased SolarSiti (SolarCity) for $ 2.6 billion, and later the company plans to offer consumers the available solar panels and home elekroenergiyata storage systems.

Tesla wanted to sell the solar panels at retail stores and online to fit the luxury car company.

The move was a sharp turn to the populist vision SolarSiti make solar panels for roofs, accessible to all and sales company after it was acquired by Tesla slowed. At the end of last year, Tesla reduce the cost of solar systems for the home.

At the same time, solar shingles, which the company introduced at the end of 2016, is still not in significant amounts.

CEO of Tesla's Elon Musk said the solar roof that generates solar energy without the need for conventional panels on the roof, with a & # 39 is the cornerstone of its strategy to sell lifestyle without fossil fuels branded Tesla.

So far, Tesla did not respond to requests from Reuters for comment.

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