The effect of "Surya" leaves Real without blemish, now suffering from Celta (video) – World of football – Spain


Real Madrid seemed to have transformed itself into their new mentor, Santiago Solari, and continued without error in all tournaments since the former midfielder replaced Julien Lopeggi. "White" took a difficult visit to Celta and approached four points from above, where big rivals Barcelona were still standing.

After the Camp Nou crashed in late October, this was the fourth successive success in all tournaments led by Argentine players. And now, even at the expense of many people who were injured, the victory came with the results of 4: 2 who defeated the unfriendly "Balaidos".

Karim Benzema before the break and Gustavo Kobral's own goal shortly afterwards gave Sofia a comfortable face. Hugo Mayo, however, was relegated to Celta before Sergio Ramos with another penalty goal to put the final point in dispute shortly before the end.

Cabral was wrongly sent for a second yellow card in the final minutes of regular time, and Danny Sebayos scored the fourth goal for the team in the final seconds of the sequel. With the final shot in the match, Brais Mendes formed the final 2: 4, but the joy was for the Madrid players after the last referee's signal.

From the start of the match, the guests went ahead but made two serious passes through Karim Benzema in the first seconds of the match. However, gradually, the home side made it through the middle and made a penalty in the 20th minute, after a very good free kick by Okau Yokouledy.

But shortly after, Real took the lead. In the 23rd minute, Luca Modric made a superb pass with Benzema behind the defense, and this time the Frenchman could not be wrong, finding the result. In fact, this goal was only left to rest, even though Tony Kroos for Buffal Real and Sofian because Celta lost a great opportunity.

After the pause comes greatness. It was suggested by Benzema, who in the 51st minute was fired and beamed. Four minutes later he was again in the goal, his shot slaughtered by the goalkeeper in the bar but the ball bounced off Gustavo Cabral's body before the goal and into the goal for 2: 0.

Only five minutes later the host returned to the match. Then Brais Mendes found Hugo Mayo's great pass and he fired a powerful shot from Tibo Kurtoa to 1: 2. So the incident subsided briefly before they exploded in full force at the end of the match.

Then, 81 minutes into the match, a penalty was scored for Real's David Hounda. From 11 meters Sergio Ramos is invincible for 3: 1 and almost kills intrigue. But there is still time for more events.

First, Cabral draws a second yellow card and establishes it as an anti-hero for his team. And in the end Dani Sebayios scored 4: 1 in favor of Real with a good kick from the edge of the penalty box. With the final shot in the match, Brais Mendes formed the final 2: 4, which, however, barely warmed Balaidos fans.

The only bad news for Santiago Solari after this match was Naho, Casemiro and Regalone leaving the field with injuries but it will still be clear how serious they are and whether they should stay in the hospital for a long time.

After this defeat, Real are in sixth position with 20 points, but only four above. Celta remains in the center of the table with 14 points and the Championship in the Primera Division is increasingly bound and bound.


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