Monday , April 12 2021

The first of Goldie: Blagoy with the & # 39 is a clown!

"Every wrong. There is not innocent. And I made a mistake. I'm sorry, I'm 25 years old … this is my life experience, "said Nova TV Georgi Valentinov about ended his relationship with Gold Raikov.

According to the MMA fighter, Sun Georgiev stole his bride, who was nearly five years.

"The decision I took it, parting with Goldie. But two months later, she took the jester, "he explained.

According to George, Blagoy had to make a man and personally tell him to meet with his former girlfriend.

"Their relationship did not know who the man and the woman who … It's true," said the athlete.

George emphasized disgust action Goldie and kindness, but I'm glad that things have evolved since.

"I am grateful even to him, that he delivered me from this man, because I know that it is not for me."

"In this regard, the Dodgers do not. It can happen to anyone … I think everyone should experience this disappointment in love … I'm glad that I happened before, to gain experience, "Valentine said.

MMA fighter said he did not want to return the engagement ring, which gave the seducer, and she him. When asked what he would do if you meet the player and his friends, George said that they are very different planet "does not consider them alive."

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