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The immediate resignation of CSKA! "Army" was full of ungulates


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Last night I returned home from the army. As well as, most likely, most of the "army". There is a show on the Discovery, called Mythical Hunters. I do not know if they give it, but I saw it many years ago. There they broke myths.

There is a saying that when the car turned, there were many ways. The situation in CSKA is that break this proverb. No. Fura turned, but not so many ways. It's just one.

The Black Sea lead us 0: 3 to "Army" – is a disaster. The club must act calmly. At the beginning nothing is lost of the season. Noo, no time to waste.

Dobre Myths CSKA led him Luba Peneva together with another group nevdelnikav, but that's another topic. He is the first export of a second. Nice guy, but it's not for CSKA. I even have no doubt that it will ever become a kingdom. I wish him success.

I am grateful Lupko Petrovich for trying to help, but this work is not so. Enough! Time passed. NOT adviser, not one. Aircraft in Serbia! Mithcah uncle honorary president returns.

If there are disagreements, quarrels, disrespect or anything else between the players … these things will be eliminated in the coming hours. CSKA must work as a team, not in college!

The consequences are the culprits! We do not need to get rid of hysteria. But action is needed. Because we have the players. We have an attractive and attacking players, the coach and the security thinking. There is no way to be.

Immediate removal of coaching! They missed the team! It's not too late, and you do not find yourself in a dramatic drama. The easiest way to bury it. Cart turned, and obviously we will look for the way in difficult times. We are on the threshold of a match with Asiekam, and we are at an impasse.

Alexander Lendarav

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