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Three years Theo says Mama Elena works "bitch beat Boyko"


As a journalist Joncheva reflection of the war as a member of the BSP comes from scandal to scandal

If someone asked 3-year-old Theo that runs its mother, he said: "My mother works bitch beat Boyko!»

And, of course, it is somewhat justified. Because his mother – sotsdeputatkata Elena Yoncheva, became the main blade against the BSP government. For two years in parliament, she opened several fronts against GERD and the premiership & # 39; -Minister Borisov, try them, and then judge. Therefore, the assertion Theo defined justified.

"I do not know where it is

Hearing this, of course,

someone said it

I was surprised, barely understood it himself, "says his mother.

Name Helena Yonchevoy over the past two years are associated only with the scandals. Yes, it used to be at war. But if a journalist was that of reflect conflicts in various parts of the world, now as a member of this one that creates them or respond to the fire.

Long before the current theme at today's flat power and along Joncheva was apartgeyt. In early February, a former MP from the GERB Anton Todorov pulled documents, sotsdeputatkata has three apartments, cottage, garage and shop in Sofia and acres of forests. Joncheva declared them to court, but Todorov announced ask you and the money they earned. The scandal arose near the charges against the MP of money laundering by means of the BPC, because it was proposed to and immunity to it. according to the investigation

offshore company

He sharpened money

reports on the now defunct TV 7. Todorov showed constitutive acts of their business, as well as financial statements, which show that 2/3 of your assets are distributed as wages.

"This is slander and attempted intimidation and repression by the government. My work as a journalist has always been public, "said Joncheva. "The contract for the production of the film and the purchase of equipment.

this technique

available, and

all the documentation

This joint venture, which is registered in Bulgaria, taxes are paid here, the account is opened in a Bulgarian bank. Every three months, we have been sending reports to the bank to pay the VAT tax. Equipment purchased, movies are made, "the journalist said. And he said it was seven documentaries not only produced, but also broadcast. Films are mainly for Syria, which beat two weeks in the besieged city of Aleppo, opened fire on him and his cameraman in the air. Making movies in Ukraine are still in difficult conditions. Then in Turkey during the protests, where it hit with a rubber bullet in the leg. It has in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, met with the bandits. "The man who makes such topics will leave you to do the deed?" Asked Joncheva.

Anton Todorov however Knotted CCB taken money from his properties and therefore turned around its new scandal. "In 2015, after its general business with an offshore company, received the money, she bought seven acres of forests in Pancherevo Gorublyane and left nearly half a million," he said. He believed that the properties of the journalist is worth $ 1.2 million. Leo with his statement as a legislator to see that all the forest he paid 451 thousand. Leo also said receivable from bankruptcy proceedings 190 thousand. Lev., And a loan of $ 10 thousand. Leva.

"I do not want to comment on Todor. I applied, and it shows that it is, "said Joncheva.

She described three apartments – one who bought about 10,000 Lion in 1986 and the other two with a garage and store, acquired in 2006, against which no amount .. "These apartments heritage – they are in the unit, which is built on the site of the house my grandfather in "Krasno Selo". The company will build its place and our restitution for my mother and my brother, "said the MP. But now she lives in a rental Dragaleogo because her apartment is not for the child and dogs.

In life there Joncheva hold twice. Until 10 years ago, he bought a house in "Boyana" mortgage against DSK. Took so the user to repair and finishing. "But I could not pay the loan, so I sold the house and returned with all its debts to DSK,» she said. And the rest of the money from the sale of forest Pancherevo bought announced and Gorublyanin – a private person, and at market prices. And he is ready to submit a document confirming the right to it.

"If they ordered Todorov to shoot me, what do I do? How can a person slanders so ?! Convicted and Boyko Borisov and GERB. Now you have to sue for libel, every one of you? "He asked another Joncheva.

His bouts with GERD began after the election campaign began, when money for restoration. In response, the premier & # 39; -Minister Borisov attacked her that her condition is paid the money to take it off. This is slander, for which he was convicted, says Elena.

Was «Kumgeyt», which attack della Good for GERD-related accommodation in Haskovo. He signaled to the prosecutor, and he threatened to sue. It was then that the uranium scandal in water in Haskovo.

Joncheva fight with now former vice-premier fence & # 39; er Valery Simonov at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. She made a film, which shows that a & # 39; an object can be overcome refugees.

Introduced in SANS and



in connection with a possible corruption in the construction of the fence. Simon accused her of treason and presented and signal charge against her.

Then began the highway – ask for an independent evaluation of their quality and implementation of signal corruption in the European Commission. There was a scandal, "Hey, Player," which Joncheva issued a report against Minister of Culture not only charge but also OLAF.

With blue-eyed scandal became a deputy and the leader of the list with EUR BSPA. The party split, and

She moved from office

his former friend and

incumbent president

PES Sergey Stanishev

Personally demonstrate how a good relationship, but the party has made the gap between them irresistible.

"I never imagined a job as a deputy. I knew it would be difficult, because it is unclear who controls us, "said Joncheva. During their cohabitation with Stanishev, who was the first MP from the Bulgarian Socialist Party and then Prime Minister & # 39; er minister, it was not included in the Parliament. The Council of Ministers has gone once his term – and on Sunday.

Joncheva first entered politics as part of the election team president Rumen Radev, then for a short time with him and "Dondukov" 2, but Cornelia Ninova its offer to head the list of BSP. "When we decided on this step, I was convinced that parliamentary resources may be very much like to go to this government and there are rules. I was always a man and left a lot of resentment, what happens, so I joined, "she explains.

Today, it is sad that there is no time for the little Theo. He already knows all the letters, you can even read a few words, a proud mother. With its half – known architect. Plamen Todorov is also very busy, both grandmothers are very helpful boy. Usually, Elena tries to make it up and taken out of the trough, but it's very difficult when Theo morning cries and does not want to part with it.

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