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Val, the daughter Karolev, made a film about her mother Merry Toteva New TV that does not wait for her grandson


actress and her husband Alex London shared apartment she Titova

5 years ago on June 22, we wrote a very good reason – the wedding of two young people, "Valentin 16 years. Alexander – 18. A chance meeting. A few words, a few eyes. He went to London to study at the prestigious business school. She – in exquisite figurines wants to continue dancing, singing, dreams of being a star of musicals. But the magic has become. Just landed in London, where he was going to follow 4 years, Alexander – the son of a prominent politician and economist Vladimir Karolev says his roommate:

"I'm getting married

this girl! "

Girl Valentine, a graduate of the ballet school. Indeed, the June 22, 2013, she became his wife after a relationship of six years. The boy kept his word. First love for both. So young! Skeptical eyes – life is before you. In response – a wedding. Sets and child.

Why June 22 was the day of their wedding? Because six years ago, just after their first meeting, Alex – now a student in London from one send Valya a bouquet of 51 red roses. Post – See you in 51 days. November 22, 2007 will come back to Bulgaria for the second time to meet the girl of his dreams. After four years of intense hem desire to be together, but can not. Alex teaches Eesya recorded "Bulgarian philology" at Sofia University. Phones skaypove, text messaging, virtual meetings and rare true … "was painful," said Alexander. At this point you take the diploma and got a job, of course, it's time to decide his future. He has a job offer the largest bank in the world. (Where now the brightest star among financiers – the author)! Reasonably, she went to live in London. Reason prevails. Valya is his Soso. and

name he

their common future

suffer 12-14

hours a day

Do they have common interests? "Oh, I'm her interest, and she – my. We have the time to learn more about each other. As if groping to explore unknown territory, "said Karolev Bush. He lit watching football and tennis. She convinces him to be together in the musical. It sank in the arid financial statistics. She calmly and skillfully can show him that elegantly-Pas-de-deux, when he can get his attention. He will never let you down!


on device

something & # 39; I

financier. He takes his parents not to be confused in choosing his life. Indeed, in the language expressed the wedding ceremony, Saso says, but because of their parents – always supported.

Then 3-4 years treated as a dad (Already happened after 5 years – the author). He and Valya to share an apartment in East London with the other artistic couples – She Titova actress of the National Theater, who chose to seek his fortune in the UK, Alex and Alex, the son of our great actor Stoyan Alexiev. Reflecting Or take your dog or cat – Alex & # 39; is in favor of meowing. "Finally, we will focus on the fish," he joked. Well, they have a child!

What about the parents? So as not opened even once the laptop is his son-father left Karolev fate met his future daughter and her family. "Alex and Val were together for 3-4 years, when, going once again to participate in the Nova TV news, the lady stopped me and told me:

"Hi, I'm

Val's mother "

It was a journalist Merry Toteva. Parents of Valentina separated by years, and her father was the director Radoslaw Anton. He first takes her in the temple.

Wali's mother was only 17 years old when she gave birth. Over the next two difficult years in which to survive. At some point, Merry, have to work 2-3 places, ill and almost 10 years, Val has become "the head a few & # 39; and" and take care of his mother. But this is in the past … The girl grew up fighting, and a positive challenge to fate.

Then 5 years ago when we wrote about roses and veils no idea the true story about the bride's mother. 21 years, Merry became addicted. «Keen me supertapanarski, a textbook," he says openly. He was divorced and had a friend "with a lot of money of unknown origin." He gives it to smoke. After 10 days of abstinence awakens and her boyfriend were the same words:

"She smokes, it was heroin

today it

pay "

If you admired her daughter Valentina 3 Although depending Totev continues to care for her. He manages to constantly work – wiping their hands with the foundation, in order not to see the signs. One doctor described her condition as serious heroin addiction, rather than dependence, because the young woman developed a herd instinct to gather in groups to steal or prostitute.

For eight years, she goes through hell and an uphill struggle. Since 1 January 2002, finally stopped the drugs. He describes in his book «The Fall, and salvation." He offers a Bulgarian izdatelsto. Believe it. Which delivers! The book comes as a warning! The result? Merry loses his job because of his sincerity.

The film "Dose

happiness "was filmed

in this book

The film tells the true story of a journalist – Vasella Toteva – a girl who is looking for happiness, but it's hell. It passes through it and survive. The dose of happiness is not just another John & # 39; ektsyya, her daughter – Valentin. She saves her. Cast includes daughter Merry Toteva – actress Valentina Karoleva. "My earliest memory, which is sealed, and that the dream that day as she beat" drug "in the toilet, but there was a lot of blood and it was very scary," said her daughter.

She Titov – her roommate on his way to London to make this film. It is no secret that after the sudden death of his mother, Valentina did not want to comment on anything in the pictures.

But Valentine is a joy – dazhshtrichkata this, there is sadness. Prem & # 39; EPA film in November.

Valentine grieve. For his mother in his childhood. But the happy mother of Isabella! Teach her good will always be with her! Because the learned life lessons the hard way. Her little girl will love and be happy with Valentina mom and dad Alex. Very pleased!

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