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Advisers recall "wrestle" with the participation of the mayor of Port Moody


A few days after the mayor of Port Moody was charged with one count of sexual assault, two Metro Vancouver elected officials describe different about the incident with the young woman.

Vancouver City Council Melissa De Genova and Dennis Marsden Burnaby city council said that recall the "language" Rob Vagramov and another party at the evening session of the Union in 2016 BC Municipalities Conference.

Vagramov, who was then a 26-year-old member of the City Council, made "rude and inflammatory remarks" to the woman, said de Genova.

Advisor Vancouver said that the woman was upset, and he "put his hands on her," despite the woman tells him to leave, but Vagramov continued to follow her outside.

De Genova said she dialed Marsden, to try to separate the pair and Vagramov followed the woman for two blocks.

«Vagramov again placed his hands on the arms and shoulders of women. At this point I put myself between Vagramov and a woman in order to get him to take his hands out of her arms and shoulders. Vagramov said he only quit if he was able to talk to a woman, "said De Genova in a statement responding to questions CTV News.

"I found that the behavior of the mayor Vagramov the same evening to be extremely disturbing and inappropriate. It remains one of the most confusing situations that I personally experienced in my eight years as an elected official, "said De Genova.

Marsden Advisor agreed with the memory of De Genova, two of them tried to separate Vagramov and a young woman, as mayor followed her outside the conference venue.

"It was someone who was visibly upset and wanted to disengage from it. But he insisted that it was so in my role, I tried to dissuade him. I said, "Get away, she does not want to talk to you. Go away. " He decided not to heed this advice and hard, "said Marsden.

Couple remembered that Vagramov said that he would leave the woman alone, when he was able to speak with her. De Genova said that the woman was in tears after the couple said.

CTV News has reached to the women involved, as well as two other elected officials, who, we are told, have witnessed the incident, but they did not respond to messages.

Vagramov not respond to emails and phone calls with questions about the incident UBCM.

On Thursday, Vagramov denied the sexual assault charges, which relates to the alleged incident in Coquitlam in 2015 he said that he will take a vacation from the chair of the mayor, when he defended himself in court.

"The statement is false … the tale has grown, as they say, and I want to be perfectly clear. This statement is incorrect. I intend to fight it every step of the way, including a claim for defamation to continue attacks on my character, "he said on Thursday.

He asked CTV News, if there are any other incidents or allegations that would require him to defend himself.

"No, sir," answered, he at the time.

The representative of the Union of BC Municipalities were told that there were no complaints filed that match the behavior described by two advisers.

None of these allegations have not been tested in court.

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