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Albexit? Some political parties have called for secession from Canada Alberta

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Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2019 9:35 pm EDT

Last updated Saturday, March 30, 2019 10:22 pm EDT

In Alberta provincial election campaign enters its last week, all political parties are tapping into the anger and frustration of voters who believe they were inferior Ottawa.

But some of them are going one step further than the promises to create jobs and reverse the deficit, and instead advocates for the province to secede from Canada.

"I'm tired, and I believe most of Alberta tired regarded as second-class colony," said Derek Fildebrandt, the leader of the freedom of the Conservative Party of Alberta.

Just Dave B & # 39; orkman, leader of Alberta's independence. The main political party platform & # 39 is a division of the province of Alberta in Canada.

B & # 39; orkman believes that it separates the system align payments – a federal government program, which "is" the province give money to Ottawa to distribute "have" province – is unfair.

«Alberta he was awarded the shaft all the time," he said.

Many experts do not expect any of the separatist parties to gather more votes if Alberta head to the polls on April 16, but they say that anger over the federal government, they are tapping into the real and widespread.

A recent poll by Environics Institute found that 71 per cent of Albertans believe that their region does not get the respect that he should.

"We know that the wrath of the & # 39 is quite significant, and most of this anger is now focused on Justin Trudeau and the federal government," said Lori Williams, a professor of policy studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Many people in the oil-rich province of upset stalled pipeline projects and Bill C-69, the proposed law of the federal government's overhaul of environmental assessments that are currently before the Senate.

Colin Collins, vice president of the Canadian West Foundation, helped Environics poll together. She said that Alberta has become particularly noticeable when oil prices fell, and tens of thousands of jobs were lost.

"There was a sense of Alberta say, well, maybe there would be some help from the alignment, but it does not work that way," she said.

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