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Anglosy concerned about the impact of a decrease in the Government of Québec


MONTREAL – In March of last year premiership & # 39; -Minister state of Quebec, François Legault mocked in Parliament about the fact that the Liberals are still talking.

Answering the question of the interim Liberal leader P & # 39; EPA Arcand, smiling Legout replied: "I'm not sure that today we have to speak in French or in English with the Liberal Party, so that they can properly understand."

Legto inspired liberals – who held power for nearly 15 years before the elections in October 2018 – were a party of English-speaking Montreal, while the new Coalition Avenir Québec government supported by the majority of Francophones.

Notes premiership & # 39; EPA may have been sent to the official opposition, but they reflect the new tone of the government and the approach to anglafonav – in particular for the lobby groups and other agencies such as school boards, who claim that they are in favor of them .

Coalition Legault has its base of support outside of Montreal, and she is not afraid to make political decisions, which are known to be very unpopular to Englishmen.

Liberal MP Greg Kelly, representing the tour in English in Montreal's West Island, said in a recent interview with & # 39; w that the legacy of the government is using the rhetoric of us against them.

"It's frustrating, because this is not the tone that you want to hear from the Prime Minister & # 39; EPA", – said Kelly on March Legault comments.

"It's a lot:" We support the Francophones, and you people, you see it in the fact that they sometimes say in (the legislature) are just different. ".

Just north of Montreal is Laval, where rides skating Christopher Skeet, a coalition member of the legate and his people relations anglafonami in Quebec.

Born in Quebec in the mother and father's mother in Trinidad, the monastery – a native of Laval – French as comfortable as in English. And he defends his boss.

"If you look at the liberal support, it will be difficult not to recognize that the Liberal Party has been transferred to the island of Montreal" – Skeet said. All but four of the 31 seats that the Liberals won the election in October, were in Montreal or the surrounding area.

"They are the last bastions of support," – he continued. "I think it's a good game to emphasize this in a partisan boxing match. This means that we have something against English kvebekerav? No."

But the recent decisions of the Cabinet creates anxiety among anglafonav experiencing the worst is yet to come, said Jeffrey Chembers, President of the Quebec Community Network.

QCGN, organization for human rights human rights organizations successfully lobbied the Liberal government in 2017 to create an office dedicated to the problems of the main linguistic minority province, which is called the Secretariat for Relations with English kvebekerami.

The public face of the secretariat now – Skit – and he does not play a role QCGN, and liberals want him to play.

"Initial indicators (coalition) was the fact that they are quite open," – he said in a recent interview with the & # 39; nd ward. But over time Chembers realized that conversations that involved in his group with a skit, and others in the coalition "had no effect on politics."

For example, according to Chambers, it was the removal of signs in English in a hospital in Lakute County, Quinn., About 80 kilometers north-west of Montreal. In December last year, the provincial language guard needed to be removed, despite protests from anglafonav-Frankivsk and municipal politicians in the region.

Legault defended the move, and Skeet support him.

A month later, the Minister of Education said that close inaccessible English high school in Montreal and will take it on board the French language. In June he took two more unnecessary English schools and gave them to the French system overloaded, which caused a cry to anglafonskim Quebec.

"Where the Secretariat on this issue?" Kelly asked. "I have many suras & # 39; oznyh reserves and doubts that the secretariat carries out its mandate."

Skeete do not buy it.

According to him, the French language in Montreal for many years crowded, and the Liberals allow problems arise during their stay in power.

Skeet even suggested that the previous government is too afraid of the disorder anglafonav authorities and lose votes for the proper management of the school system of the city.

"After 15 years of Liberal and liberal ambitions … now there is an external party, which has never been in power, which owes nothing to anyone, taking rational decisions based on facts – this is very disturbing for people who previously had" immediate access and immediate impact ", – he said.

But a big fight between anglafonskimi organizations and the government are likely still ahead.

Chambers said the incident as a sign of "Lakute" and transfer to the school "worrisome, heralds a big problem."

Do we have a problem with the school board, a particularly sensitive issue for society angelskafonskaga Quebec. Selected English-language boards with & # 39 is one of the few institutions anglafonav institutions.

"Everyone knows that we are planning to abolish school boards", – said the skit. But he explained that any decision taken by the Government will respect the rights of minority language education, guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He insists that anglafony will not lose access to their schools and do not control them, but nevertheless expect that the conflict with QCGN will.

He insisted that ordinary anglafony not worried. "We will keep in mind the best interests of the English community," – he said.

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