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Appeal rejected the challenge Alberta's gay-straight alliance right


Opponents of the law of Alberta, allowing gay unions directly in schools were considered another legal setback.

Religious schools, community groups and parents have filed a lawsuit last year seeking to have legislation put on hold until such time as the decision on its constitutionality.

Judge rejects request to put Alberta gay-straight alliance for the maintenance of law

The coalition led by the Justice Center for Constitutional liberties were denied the request, but he appealed.

Two of the three Alberta Court of Appeal judges rejected the complaint, while a third said part of it must be provided.

Management Frederick Schutz and Don Pentelechuk wrote in his decision that the public good to protect the safety and privacy of children, as well as helping to create an inclusive environment school environment, is extremely high.

Elections Alberta: Jason Kinney LGBTQ record hot button issues

Particular Justice Bruce McDonald writes that the school should not have their funding withheld or lose their accreditation for the next school year, when the constitutional issue has not yet been heard.

Gay-straight alliances clubs designed to LGBTQ students feel and prevent bullying.

Amendments to the Alberta school bearing the outgoing government to ban the NPD schools to inform parents when their children join the groups.

Incoming US Conservative premier & # 39; er Jason Kenney said that his government would return to the old law that allows gay-straight alliances, but with no privacy protection blankets for students.

Alberta rally in support of the existing rules after the GSA Plan UCP Education released

Teachers who feel a student's health or safety at risk will be able to tell parents their child joined the GSA.

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