Wednesday , December 2 2020

Astronomers have discovered the most distant known about the & # 39; an object in our solar system

Astronomers noticed far known about the & # 39; an object in our solar system – and they nicknamed pink outer body «Farout.»

The Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union announced the discovery Monday.

«Farout» is about 120 AU away, that is 120 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun, or 18 billion kilometers. Previous record holder dwarf planet Eris was 96 AU.

The solar system is located on the scale, showing newly discovered in 2018 VG18 «Farout» in comparison with other well-known on the & # 39; the objects of the solar system. (Roberto Molar Candanosa / Scott Sheppard / Carnegie Institute)

Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution says & # 39; the object is so far away and moves so slowly that it would take several years to determine its orbit. At this distance, it could take over 1,000 years to orbit the sun.

Astronomers have searched the small planet in November with a telescope in Hawaii.

It is about 500 kilometers.

Discovery image 2018 VG18 «Farout» from the Subaru telescope on November 10, 2018. Farout moves between two open images while the background stars and galaxies do not move at the same time between pictures. (Scott Sheppard / David Tholen)

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