Friday , June 25 2021

Atlas is a new giant MMO survival of the ARK: Survival Evolved team

Get ready for a grand adventure

Joker Studio, the developer of the game of survival Dean ARK: Survival Evolved, Is at it again. In addition it will boost rates at this time.

In The Game Awards 2018 Studio Joker showed atlas, This is another survival MMO – but this one can take 40,000 simultaneous players, and the world is about 1,200 times the size of ARK server. As one of the developer puts it, atlas "building an armada, claiming the territory, forming an empire and dominating the world." In addition, there is a four-headed dragon.

atlas will begin in the near future, too. He walks over to Steam next week, December 13, presumably in early access. It will release on Xbox One-in 2019 as part of the preview program games.

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