Sunday , November 29 2020

Clippers Kauai Leonard strategy and why it is more commendable than debatable – Sports

Welcome to File Free Agency.

This modern NBE world in which the discussion in the near future, to be available for superstars with & # 39 is a year-round exercise, I chime in with the understanding and information every so often with a single interest in the form of: Adding some depth to this conversation that so often a level surface. In this inaugural issue, it's time to look at the fascinating dance between Kauai Leonard and Clippers.

We've known for several months that the Clippers have Leonard in the middle of 2019 year plans. Clippers have room for one max-salary players in a position to make room for another, and it's all eyes on Leonardo and the Golden State Kevin Durant, as they try to steal the show from LeBron James and Lakers in the tinsel town.

However, while Leonard is sitting with the problem of the hip against the Clippers on Tuesday made disappointing for all the focus on the floor, it was not so behind the scenes. Especially when you consider …

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