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Conservatives break to collect records of funds ahead of the Liberal candidate in the set of elections loom


OTTAWA – The Conservative party has beaten the record for the best ever first quarter results to raise funds for a federal political party, which they take as a sign Canadians paid attention as SNC-Lavalin scandal unfolded.

Party dragged a little over $ 8 million since the beginning of the year to the end of March, data released by the party in the National Post. It was the best first quarter shows in the "Canadian political history," said Conservative representative Cory Hann, although donations reported only this way since 2005, following the best result came in the first quarter of 2011, when the Conservatives of Stephen Harper raised nearly 7.4 million $ and went to win a majority government that in May.

The number of individual investors has also increased – 50.026 donors invest in conservative bank, the highest number of quarterly donor to transfer to any political party, as to the last federal election.

For its part, the Liberals still finalizing its first quarter results on Monday, and will not give in total. But a spokesman Braeden Caley noted that the party received donations from more than 33,200 individual donors, a 15 percent increase from the same quarter last year, and the Liberal Party was at its highest in the history of the number of active monthly donors. Liberals posted their best not to campaign the third and fourth quarters in the second half of 2018, and Caley said that it is still "strong fundraising results at the grassroots level" in 2019, including the recent surge in online donations.

Post asked NPR for an update on the results, but a spokesman said the party can not provide an answer to Monday.

Results of fundraising can act as a kind of "barometer" in accordance with the Conservative company sources who would speak only on the condition that they not be named. They connect a surge in donations during the first quarter of the controversy SNC-Lavalin public awareness, in which former Attorney General Jody Wilson Reybuld now independent MP accused the senior members of the Liberal government in an attempt to use the ridiculous political pressure to help companies Montreal. Quantities are seen as a good sign as a whole, but also as evidence that the party base happy.

fundraising numbers alone do not paint a complete picture. Conservatives continue to outpace Liberal on the money front, the team Trudeau seeks to emphasize that part of the equation with the & # 39 is that the Conservatives consistently spend more on fundraising activities. According to financial profit, the election represented Canada in 2017, the Tories spent $ 7.2 million of expenses for fundraising compared with the Liberals $ 2.7 million of people. In the same year, the parties have brought $ 18.8 million $ 13.9 million, respectively.

But a few other metrics Conservative machine is well-oiled, as a party offers.

As of Monday the Tories have identified 260 candidates in federal elections expected in October, most of whom work in the seats held by other parties. Liberals, on the Caley, designated "180", but most of them are designed for places Party has already taken place. New Democrats, according to a spokesman Guillaume Francoeur, only appointed 80.

Poll Today most games unstable numbers, but here, the Conservatives see the rise. They recently beating the Liberals about the intention of voters in the range of three to 13 percentage points, depending on the pollster you advise. Nanos tracking poll last week, based on a rolling sample of 1,000 respondents, puts the CAC by 35.5 per cent and the Liberals 33. The Leger poll one thousand five hundred twenty-two Canadians conducted for the Canadian Press and published Tuesday found a conservative 40 percent support and the Liberals 27.

However, a large spread, whether it lasts is unclear. Perhaps more telling insight on the perception of Canadians Trudeau as leader. There has been a fundamental shift in the past few months, the source said the Conservative companies. For Nanos, 40 percent of respondents believe in the Prime Minister & # 39 last week, EP-minister "has the qualities of a good leader," a number that is growing steadily throughout his tenure and by 10 points since the fall.

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