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Considering WWE SmackDown movement to 3 hours Fox Move


Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer went into more detail today about WWE SmackDown Live transition to the fox in October. She now believes now that SmackDown could make the jump to 3 hours, 2 hours of time at the national level are broadcast on FOX, and the third hour on television in another network that is likely to be Fox Sports 1 .

Dave would say, "This is a guess, but certainly there is a chance that, because the feeling that, as they have to shoot anyway and 205 of the living kind of just a waste of air. It just does not work, it may be that they will do it in two hours 8-10 on Friday evenings and do an hour on 3 FS1 with the idea that they can get an additional $ 50 million per year from Fox, giving that extra hour ".

This is not a formal contract, or even one that is close to being confirmed, but it seems as if there is a real possibility that this will happen. What do you think of SmackDown, may move in 3 hours? Comment below and let us know.

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