Thursday , December 3 2020

Council votes to give FARC from the meeting after "unfair" Facebook post

Coun. Jeromy FARC has been driven out of the city council meeting on Monday for what Mayor Naheed Nenshi called "dishonest and irresponsibleĀ» Facebook post.

Ward 11 council member replied that the refusal to freeze salaries for 2019, the Board will put himself in line for a percentage increase in wages by 2.3 in.

But, Nenshi told the Council that the post with the & # 39 is outdated and contrary to the new information provided by acting today Chief Financial Officer Carla city's husband who showed pay council will actually decline by 0.2 percent next year.

"This information is dated November 21. You have the information today on December 17, a full month. And, frankly, hope for old information … if any new information is dishonest and irresponsible, "said Nenshi.

According to him, after Farkas seems to have a code of conduct by the Council breached.

"What we have in this post Facebook is not only back, it's not true," said Nenshi.

Nenshi asked the FARC to remove what he said and to apologize, and when the FARC refused, saying that the final number for the next year is still not known, the council voted in favor of a move to get him out of the meeting.

Payment Council adjusted annually and linked to the average weekly earnings in Alberta with Statistics Canada. The actual adjustment of wages in 2019 will be known later this week.

The vote was 14-1, with the FARC the only vote in their favor.

Advisor doubled down on Twitter soon after he was expelled from the meeting, saying that the voting record is well known and he stands at his post with a week-old numbers, saying that he will send an update when he gets it – even if updated information was submitted to the Council on the same day.

He said he wanted to postpone the vote until December 20, when the official adjustment is known.

Nenshi said the council after the vote that citizens deserve better and should not receive "compote & # 39; Jabal up" misinformation. He said it is important to always tell the truth Advisors.

Coun. Jeromy FARC expelled from the collection of Calgary Board on Monday. (Mike Symington / CBC)

This is not the first time advisor Farkas comrades accused him of lying and asked him to apologize for the remarks he made.

Just a few weeks ago, Coun. Jyoti Gondek accused the FARC of lies after he accused his colleagues of bullying him in a closed session the Board.

He was charged in the visible when he first led the movement for a pay freeze ahead because COUN. Ward Sutherland has filed a notice of motion on the same subject.

Nenshi told reporters at the time, he believes that his colleagues Farkas upset repeated "gross" Advisor comments made outside the Council chambers.

FARC will be allowed to return at the next council meeting, Nenshi said.

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