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Cult of Hockey player grades: Edmonton Oilers species brought down long before the final siren in a 5-1 loss to Anaheim


Edmonton Oilers kinds defeat long before the final 5-1 came against the Anaheim Ducks at Rogers on Saturday night.

After the "decent" enough for 15 minutes started the game on the Edmonton bench settled appreciably when their goalkeeper to miss the rag on Corey Perry to open the scoring at 15:17 of the 1st.

Then, when another questionable one squibbed Koskinen on goalie just over a minute in the 2nd period, I thought that the club collapsed under implementation and the final end of an unsuccessful play-off push. And that was followed by a more or less
academically. This one was never really in question.

It is painful to say, given Oylerzlo paid the worst offensive team in the league, which was on the 2nd back-to-back. But really … we have seen the club "play down" to "weak" opposition all season. And it happened again on Saturday night.

This leaves Edmonton officially eliminated from playoff contention. They have 4 games left in which to wait out a string.

Here is a story about the tape:

Varieties Edmonton Oilers Player

Koskinen. 2. Perhaps his worst game of the year. Koskinen was lucky not to let the first goal in the beginning as Jakob Silfverberg cut one of the two posts, a total of 15 seconds before Corey Perry (again) sailed past Koskinen one hand glove for a 1-0 lead. Beaten easily short side after unsuccessful giveaway Adam Larson 2-0. If no real chance of 3-0. But then completely blew soft Ricardo Rakell shot from top of the circle to 4-0, giving Rakell early and simple natural hat-trick, he is likely to ever kill. Koskinen was a deep, deep into the folds of the fact that one hook and graciously came a few seconds later. He stopped only 17 of 21 total 35:13. In defense Koskinen, he never played this much earlier. I believe that it is in bags, is not it? This should be a factor right now (although, of course, not the only one).

Anthony Stolars. 5. been beaten once, while the stop 16 out of 17 after removal Koskinen. Not sure Stolarz had a lot of opportunities for all to 5-1, who beat him a split second after losing the draw D-zone. And he made three good saves in the 3rd period from Sam Carrick, Devin Shore, and then his best night of the stick unit Chase De Leo. Stolarz course starts from Las Vegas, no? Why on earth not.

McDavid. 4. He must be out of gas now and, of course, it looked today. The first period turnover Ducks zone seemed that McDavid signal "have it." Only 2 shots, including a golden chance to clean side in the 1st period, John Gibson turned away. But it was 4 turnovers and finished the game 3.

Leon Dreyseytl. 5. One of the best forwards in the oil industry, which give not say much on a night like this. Rang each crossbar on a breakaway in the 1st frame. Drew 2nd period power play, on which he and Connor had a few chances, but could not cash. 3 shots and hit at 21:39. I did not lose a draw.

Kessian. 4. Physical without the puck (5 hits), but not much success with it (0 arrows, despite the decent shotgun shares at the party). Leon knew Dreyseytl break loose for a chance Division 1 with a neat pass. On-and-off the top line a little bit like Ken Hitchcock tried to shake things up.

Oscar Klfb. 5. The best of the bunch so shaky there tonight. Oscar Klfbom earned a secondary assist on the goal 5-1. It was 3 shots, 3 blocks and entering at 20:13. 22-18, 55% All-Events CF. I have killed only one soft-ish defensive play against him the whole evening, and came in the third period and then one was resolved.

Adam Larsson. 3. Just disgusting giveaway at 2-0. Adam Larsson was deep, but with a little time has chosen to flip the puck out of the zone and does not come close to success in this. Unforced icing shortly thereafter. I saw a game effort on the third period, but it was too late. His rough season can not end quickly enough.

Ryan NUGENT-Hopkins. 4. 5 shots, 2 hits. But this is only a number. I can honestly see that I did not notice Ryan Nugent-Hopkins much at all and did not consider any of his chances particularly dangerous. He did eventually even +/- 5-1 loss, though, and won 50% if it involves. Just not aimed FUL.

SAMGagner. 6. One of the very few oil workers who had any jump at all. Gagne had killed his 6-year on a solid, one-time Slapper from the high slot on the canopy Milan Lucic. Gagner also started this cycle with a rough game behind the Anaheim net. At the head of the team of 6 shots at 16:10. 2nd Period takeaway. 3rd time back to check that saw it cleaned washer. It seems that he wants to stay in the NHL.

Joseph Gambardella. 2. NHL tough league. Joseph Garbardella discovered that the hard way on Saturday. His performance was uneven. In one of the forgotten one shift period the child was unable to get the puck to the wall not once or twice, but three separate times. Was deprived of the puck in the neutral zone in the 2nd period, the game turns in another direction and ends in the 3-0 goal. Missed his man defensive coverage and end up taking hold punished because of it. Smoked in scoring for / against (CF 5-15, 25%).

Darnell Nurse. 3. Part of the problem on a long, painful shift, which ended at 3-0. In fact, this was a man who left him alone on the (of course, by that time) straight leg nurse mesh side, he closed them home. There was also quite slow his man on the face-off 5-0. -2 22:27. Maybe he's just in bags from overwork?

KRIS RUSSELL. 4. Is the "average" Was that was a tough day for the blue line. Kris Russell had 2 shots hit and blocks. But also in the framework of the problem of the long and painful fire drill in the 2nd period, which ended in a 3-0.

COLBY cave. 4. Net front presence on the 5-1 goal and was 67% compared with the point. If suitable results in chances / against department. But 0 shots at 14:08. Nha large, but more players have been much worse night than Colby Cave.

Zhuzhhar Kheyra. 2. Was badly out of synch all night. I had 3 hits, but absolutely beat the pack area.

ALEX Chiasson. 3. I saw some effort, but very few results as a result of the game Alex Chiasson in. 2 hits, 0 shots but at 13:30.

Hatchet. 3. I waited Siekierki hit the wall after returning from LTIR, and I thought he did tonight. I was caught deep and then slowly ish to his person at 1-0 that admittedly had shot his goalkeeper (although there was a slight deviation). Chased most of the night. 13-21, 38% All-Events CF.

MATT BENNING. 3. He and his partner, the veteran had a rough day. Relying too deep to 1-0 rag. 2 units a give lump or shots, no hits 17:12.

Kyle Brodiak. 3. His two turnovers were among the many problems at 3-0. All-event CF 7-15 32%. Only 33% at the rally.

MILAN Lukic. 5. Noticeably one of the busiest Oilers. Milan Lukic has registered the 500th point of his long car & # 39; sphere in the NHL with some excellent work for the Ducks to the goal line, which led to a sharp pass to the high slot that Gagne slammed home for 5-1. Won 2nd period table battle. Setting Oscar Klfba for the third time by accident. 3 shots, and one pin 3 at 12:25.

Tobias reader0.3. Who lost 5-0 draw. 0 shots and pin 2 at 9:35. Hardly visible. You just want to go home now.

In the 8-to-back Oilers play their last game before the fourth Monday night in Las Vegas. And let's be honest … they are just playing for pride now.

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