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Driveclub Servers Shut Down in March 2020


Sony has announced that it will be retired Driveclub, As a result, the end of the online game of life.

He shut down the online servers Driveclub. Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bicycles at 22:59 UTC 31 March 2020 This will remove all the online functionality of the game, while also creating their own events, presenting your club online, compete in the ratings or use the online subscription.

single player game modes Offline will continue intact. Players can still earn Driveclub PSN Trophies and play all games and single-player DLC content. You'll still be able to use your subscription to a single user and offline.

Before closing the Sony server will also stop the games listed in the PSN Store. As of 22:59 GMT, 31 August this year, you can not buy Driveclub, Driveclub Bicycles, Driveclub VRor any DLC or season passes.

This is likely to disappoint many people. Driveclub with & # 39 is the most popular racing games of all PS4 title, racking up about 10.5 million players throughout his life. It's pretty inevitable step, though, given that Sony has closed Evolution Studios, the developer behind DriveclubThree years ago – although this did not prevent its release as a launch title Playstation VR six months later.

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