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Dubstep with & # 39 is effective mosquitoes, study shows


What more adults are exposed to music "copulate much less" than in the field, without music.

"The fact that such music may delay the host attack, reduce the blood flow and prevent the pairing opens up new possibilities for the development of the musical based on the individual protection and measures to combat Aedes vectors of disease."

The study was published in the scientific journal Arcta Tropica March 25 and received some interest in social networks since then.

"Maybe we can eliminate malaria @Skrillex just play very loud throughout Africa," wrote one Twitter user.

"Imagine that at some Skrillex all the mozzies, like" oh f *** root cant Now pack up guys "," quipped the other.

In response to a Reddit post studies, where it was divided under the name "electronic song" Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites "reduces the host attack and mating success in dengue vectors Aedes aegypti," one Reddit user said simply: "J. I do too. "

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites peaked at number 77 in the UK the official streaming chart on its release in 2010, and has sold more than 2,000,000 units in the US, where he won the Best Dance Recording at the 54th Grammy Awards.

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