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Duchesne, Blue Jackets taking a special run of the play one day at a time


Columbus, Ohio – Now, tomorrow is finally here for the Columbus Blue Jackets, it is appropriate that Duchesne figured out how to play the way he had never come.

They seem to be a perfect match, wandering hockey star and the organization, which sometimes felt like one of the children have forgotten the NHL, both so well versed in the long road to nowhere. He left each with gratitude for the opportunity now at hand and little concern about any future beyond the second round of the series of the Boston Bruins.

"I could not give a hell of what will happen in the summer right now, for me," said Duchesne Monday. "I know that the other guys feel the same way and, if they do not feel the same way, they are certainly playing like they do not care about that stuff.

"They play as the Be and end of all things, and it is."

This is the first day of the rest of the life of the organization, going back home from Boston tied 1-1 for Game 3 at Nationwide Arena. This is the first time in 20 years Blue Jackets hockey they will play round 2 here, the reason is referred to as a T-shirt giveaway for Tuesday and ubiquitous signs around the city with the slogan: "It's time."

As for Duchesne, it is the deepest in the spring he ever played, and it has not yet 1. It is fresh on the type of goal he had only dreamed of scoring in May – twice a winner in overtime Saturday night that silenced TD Garden, leveled the series and sent the veteran forward on his knees in celebration.

"At the moment, you're like," Oh my god, we won the game. "Said Duchesne," You see my reaction, I just do not know what to do you lose all feeling in your body Something like that happened.. . "

There are not many precedents around the dynamic of this particular NHL team in part because of the bold decision of general manager Jarman Kekaleynen to add Duchene and Ryan Zhingel at the trade deadline during a pending unrestricted free agents Panarin and Bobrowski.

He left Columbus with a damn fine list, albeit one that can be broken into pieces 1 July.

Carpe Diem!

Where it was easy to wonder how this type of group outshines distraction – star left winger, a two-time Vezina winning goaltender and second-line center can all walk out the door right after this playoff run – it feels like it was a galvanizing force here . There's no tomorrow, just not for this iteration of the jackets so that they can also do good for a year, where they were shockingly swept Tampa out of the playoffs.

"I know that the other guys in the locker room were very concerned about the car & # 39; EASURES play-wise, where they could not pass the first round, or they can not get, or whatever," said Duchesne. "I know that in the first round win was huge for us, and now it's like, 'OK, we can do something." We got past that first hurdle, and now we want to take it and run. "

Along the way they encountered the elephant in the room, the only way to head coach John Tortorella knows how to do something: Stupidly, openly and directly.

They are likely to lead the league in closed sessions of the door.

"This was the theme ever since the first day of the camp for us," said Seth Jones defender. "If they buy this year, we do not have any problems with [anything], It is their choice to do what they want to do. Everyone understands that it is the right of everyone, if they are a free agent.

"No one has anything against them holds."

This is not your father the Blue Jackets, on just about every level. The only reason why they can still be regarded as an outsider to the & # 39 is an organizational story short fall – they began to change the high-end players throughout the lineup and won 12 of 14 games at a time of year when the perception of reputation is done,

They certainly look like a capable combatant in Boston after playing three periods of overtime for the first two games of this series. Now they are back home with a chance to seize control of a crowd that was expecting a couple of decades to see a game this big.

"This is a big step forward for our organization," said assistant coach Brad Shaw. "It may not mean a lot of people outside of our group and our society, but it means a lot. I have encountered many people who suddenly, they would be & # 39 ; dissolved their breasts bit ".

Duchesne did not have the same institutional knowledge of the people and the place, but it also means a lot to him. He still remembers looking at the depth chart Blue Jackets in the dressing room of Ottawa in the morning his case included in the end of February, and thought: "Wow, what a team."

Since then he has worked in the direction of cutting out his place in it, and continued to believe that everything will turn out for the best.

"You only get so many chances in this league," he said. "I mean people who have seen my journey through this league and not having much of a chance to be in this position. So I would definitely take every day and trying to make the most of them, and I know that the other guys too. "

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