Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Glows fiery meteor ball lights up the Florida sky


There's never a dull moment in Florida. This truism was proven once again on Saturday night, when the shooting cam in Gainesville took an impressively bright, blue-green fireball plunging into the side of the Earth.

Instrument on NASA's GOES-16 satellite for display of lightning and took something more panhandle of Florida, which National Service out & # 39; I have confirmed that the meteor.

Several other eyewitnesses reported on social media, seeing a bright light rushes to the ground, and 220 reports from Florida and neighboring states have been made to the American Meteor Society.

There have been no confirmed reports yet of a meteor impact on Earth. Surprisingly, small meteorites can lay a lot of bright light as they burn up completely in our atmosphere.

This last meteor sighting comes after large daytime meteor was seen (and heard) in the last month of the sizzling Florida sky towards CubaWhere some small pieces of space rock survived to make it to the ground.

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