Friday , June 25 2021

Government employee named Mark Norman event of a leak of the document is suspended from work

Procurement official named in the criminal case against the former second in command of military was removed from the federal government's position has been told the House of Commons committee.

Matthew Matchett was identified in court papers filed by lawyers defending Vice Admiral Mark Norman, who was charged with one count of breach of trust.

Revelation of the last turn in the high rates charged Norman, a former deputy chief of the Defense Staff, who is accused of leaking secrets RCMP office.

Les Linklater, from the & # 39; yunkt Deputy Minister for Social Services and Procurement of Canada, told the House of Commons government operations committee on Thursday night, Matchett was removed from the federal Labor government.

He said he could not say when it happened, and refused to discuss the case of suspension Matchett, including the reasons for this.

"I'm not at liberty to get into matters of personnel management," said Linklater, when questioned Tory Kelly McCall.

Les Linklater, a senior government official, revealed the suspension Matchett Mathew during the Commons committee on Thursday 12:54

Matchett was not before the & # 39; revealed no charges.

The equestrian recognized early in its investigation of Norman, that they were looking for more than one violation of the secrecy related to the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on shipbuilding at the beginning of the mandate of the Liberal government.

Asking the court last month to force the federal government to disclose documents, Norman Marie Heneyn lawyer argued that the federal police has found another source of the leak.

"The investigation of the PSC found that a public servant, Matthew Matchett, gave the lobbyist working on Davie classified memorandum to the Cabinet (" MK ") and slides relating to the Liberal government 19 November 2015 iAOR Cabinet committee meeting," wrote Henein in court submission of October.

The horse refused to comment when asked about Matchett in October, saying that the investigation of violations of privacy office continues.

The next court filing, Henein argued that the Mounties had not yet questioned Matchett.

Email exchanges, issued in court this month to offer Matchett leaked memorandum cabinet and slide presentation in Ottawa lobbyist, Brian Mercer, a few days before the session of the government on the issue.

At the meeting, the newly elected Liberal government decided to put the program in the amount of $ 668 million to rent a supply ship for the Navy on hold. solve word immediately leaked to the media and, ultimately, the office back down and allow the project to Davie shipyard in Levis, Que., to continue.

The Cabinet of Ministers were furious, however, and after an internal investigation the government was unable to identify the source, the RCMP were called.

Detailed reference to Matchett is contained in more than 700 pages of documents related to the case of Norman and released two weeks ago by the court.

Documents include excerpts from letters and statements of witnesses PAC – records that have not been tested in court and can not be introduced as evidence the Crown.

In one letter, supposedly Matchett says Mersereau on November 17, 2015, that he "got all the – Motherload.»

Mercer, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Mounties said in an interview with & # 39; nd that brown envelope with office documents with the & # 39; appeared the next day in his office the center of Ottawa.

At that time, Matchett worked Atlantic Canada opportunities agency, but then moved on to a position in the public services and the purchase of Canada.

CBC News has reached to Matchett several times since his name & # 39 appeared in court documents and has not received a response.

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