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Instagram tests concealing their sympathy


On Tuesday, Facebook owned photo sharing app announced that the test is working in Canada, starting later this week, which hides the total number of similar photos and videos. Sympathy, which are shown in the form of heart on the application will be removed from the main source of raw materials, Permalink pages and profiles.

While the followers will not be able to see the total number of such position received, the account holder may still.

"We check this because we want your followers to focus on photos and videos that you share, how much sun they get love," said a spokesman for Instagram.

The news was announced on facebook-x (FB) annual developer conference, F8 in San Jose.
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The test can cause a variety of reactions, from anger to relief. Sympathy are often used as a measure of popularity. Some users Instagram under pressure gain the love or post photos of curators for the century of social media, such as in pop-ups or Instagrammable social-media friendly restaurants. Not getting love it even can affect the self-esteem of some users. According to some studies, Instagram with the & # 39 is the most harmful social networking applications for young people's mental health.

"The sympathies of the strong, because they are instant feedback," said Renee Engeln, professor of psychology at Northwestern University. "In a sense, you like the same impact as the player gets to the slot machine."

Engeln said that she was a young woman said to her the day can be ruined if the post is not getting enough of these. Sometimes they even delete the photo.

Although the removal of the public facing liked can cause users to fit more content and authentic feeling of less pressure on the platform, experts said that it is not a panacea.

"For teenagers, it's great, because it will no longer select the level of popularity of themselves in relation to other children," said Randy Priluck, professor and deputy dean of Pace University focused on social media and mobile marketing. "But they're still going to see their own liking. People are very mobile awards, so they are still going to fight for those he loves. It will not completely solve the problem. "

It also does not solve or fix some other factors that can affect the self-esteem of people on the platform, such as bullying, feeling left out or think other people's lives better or more glamorous than their own.

"None of that does not go away when you take your love," said Karen North, an expert in social media and psychology at the University of Southern California. "No matter when Instagram consuming love, you can not avoid the inevitable, that people will still compare their lives and feel worse."

This step, if rolled out more broadly, can also cause some confusion for Influencer Marketing. Social media stars who work with brands to partner often obtained through participation in their posts, and the part that includes the likes.

As a result, comments, counts controlled or other indicators may become more important for people who are making money on Instagram.

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"It certainly creates some short-term inefficiencies, as some of these transactions are made," said Lee Kamiu, CEO of Activate Influencer marketing platform. "In the long term, the industry will understand this. It will just turn our attention to some of these things. "

Other social networks such as twitter (TWTR), Also discussed the idea of ​​creating such a follower and is considered to be less common. CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey even corresponded about it with rapper Kanye West, who shared the screenshots of their conversation on his Twitter account.
Instagram test was first spotted Earlier this month, Jane Manchun Wong, a Hong Kong woman who is looking for unreleased features in popular applications such as Facebook and Instagram, as a hobby.

While Instagram representative denied the rumors and said, "We do not test at the moment, but are studying ways to reduce the pressure on Instagram & # 39 is that we are always thinking about."

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