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Investing in this stock can make you a millionaire now Pensioner


This is probably not the first time you've seen Shopify (TSX: Store) (NYSE: Store) as a recommendation in the Motley Fool. And there's a reason for that. The stock has seen stratospheric growth since its last drop, with about 30% since the beginning of the year.

However, there are many analysts, it also put the red flags, and to be honest, they are not quite so. But I would not say that they are 100% right, either.

If we look at the historical Shopify since its initial public offering in 2015, while investors would be thrilled to know their $ 10,000 is now making more than $ 75,000 at the time of this writing. And, frankly, I do not think it's too late to jump on this internet sensation. Here's why.

Social media machine

It's not just e-commerce platform gives traders a website to sell their products, but also provides opportunities through a number of social media channels. Sellers can use anything from facebook and twitter in Pinterest and Instagram.

That's where things have recently become more difficult. Instagram Facebook recently announced that creates a checkout option for business through its platform. This may suras & # 39; ozna times & # 39; yadats a previous Shopify, which took place in this particular market.

But to be honest, social media is really just the beginning with this company. Shopify has invested so much in research and innovation, including the potential creation of a virtual reality store in the not too distant future.

At the same time, the company must extend much further than the social networks.

expansion of an enterprise

Today, most traders Shopify with & # 39 are the owners of small and medium-sized businesses. The Company has provided an easy way for these vendors to get their products to market, but he thinks more. Literally.

Plus is Shopify customers now account for 5300 with 820,000 salespeople working through Shopify Shopify and tends to grow, to compete with the big boys like Amazon, There's only one problem: Amazon with a & # 39 is huge and incredibly strong. It is built on the e-commerce site in the $ 871000000000 platform all-in-one, where merchants can list, sell and ship the product.

But this is also where Shopify can gain an advantage. Can you think of one particular trader on Amazon? I think that, probably not. This is because it is incredibly difficult to stand out in the Amazon. Shopify provides merchants the ability to have your own website, so that the user can focus on the merchant, attractive website.

If Shopify continues to buy other businesses and become sufficiently dominant market share, it is possible that he could be as large as Amazon, reaching stock prices not only in the hundreds, but, perhaps thousands.

Shopify international

Shopify has already proved that it can work with large customers, the majority of hosting sites of Canada for the sale of marijuana after legalization. Now, the company hopes that it will prove to other countries as well as international companies that it can handle even the most delicate of their sales.

As the database grows Kommersant, trading decisions will soon have to stay ahead of the company's subscription solutions segment. This would allow for Shopify become like Amazon and offer payments, shipping and capital.

bottom line

March 25, Shopify strengthened its 30-day run of a bull with shares climbing by 9% at the time. Sales continue to grow in the company reaches 54% in the last quarter, and this figure should only continue to grow.

However, there is one thing I would like to warn investors about where analysts fear is a potential recession. If one hit, this stock could fall again. This is probably overpriced right now, so it might be better to wait until the price goes down before buying shares.

But then again, if you are looking for in the long term, such as retirement, it would be good to buy a few shares and see where Shopify is. I mean, if it really will be the next Amazon, and you are now investing for retirement to move beyond the age of 25, you can get the status of a millionaire. If you had $ 100,000 in this company right now, you would have 375 shares. This means that you will have 30 years for shares to be approximately $ 2,650 per share, and adjusted for inflation in this mixture, it is not such Var & # 39; yatka idea.

Amazon CEO shocks Bay Street Investors are predicting the company "bankrupt"

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently warned investors that "Amazon will be broken one day," and eventually "go bankrupt."

What may be even more alarming with & # 39 is that Bezos was dumping about $ 1 billion for the sum of Amazon shares every year …

But Bezos not only cashing in, he reinvested the money into the company, using the fastest growing technology, in his opinion, is "to improve every business."

In fact, the more than Amazon, Tesla, and Berkshire Hathaway combined technologies this possibility may be greater.

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John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, a subsidiary company Amazon, with & # 39; is a member of the Board of Directors of The Motley Fool. Randi Zuckerberg, former director of market development and Facebook spokeswoman and sister of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with & # 39; is a member of the Board of Directors of The Motley Fool. Fool contributor Amy Legate-Wolfe owns shares Shopify. David Gardner owns shares of Amazon and Facebook. Meanwhile Gardner owns shares of Facebook, Shopify and Twitter. Motley Fool owns shares of Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, Shopify and Twitter. Shopify with & # 39 is a recommendation Photo Advisor Canada.

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