Saturday , December 5 2020

It's 10 highest-grossing IOS applications this year

Netflix was the biggest earner in the non-gaming applications on the App Store this year. According to application analytics company Sensor Tower, streaming video powerhouse rakes in a massive $ 790.2 million in the firmware for 2018 – or, at least, until 30 November.

Here are other companies that are carved out of the space in the top 10 non-game applications list.

Sensor Tower tells the rest of the rankings broken down like this:

Tencent video (Chinese video streaming service) – $ 490.0 million
Tinder – $ 462200000
iQiyi (another Chinese video streaming service) – $ 420.5 million
Kwai (Social video service application) – $ 264.5 million
YouTube – $ 244200000
Pandora – $ 225700000
Youku (another Chinese video streaming service) – $ 192.9 million
QQ (Chinese instant messaging service) – 159 700 000 000 $
Hulu – $ 132600000

A breakdown shows how big the role China plays in the App Store. Half of the applications in the top 10 & # 39 are the ones that are probably not familiar with the US users. While interest in the iPhone has probably lowered somewhat in China, it shows how quickly Chinese consumers have come to dominate the App Store.

It also shows how popular subscription model for applications. Many of these applications offer subscription options that keep the user pays a regular income for developers.

The reason for Apple's to worry about?

Ultimately, this could be a cause of concern for Apple. While the App Store has been a great way to Apple's, to bring the money on the basis of the rentier model, profit distribution, it is certainly possible to the question of how long the major application vendors will probably be willing to pay Apple's, of recurring revenues.

This is not mere speculation, either. Currently, Netflix Apple's pay, 30 per cent in the first year of subscription, made using Itunes. This drops to 15 percent over the next years. Netflix is ​​looking for ways to get around this the Apple charges – for example, allowing users to subscribe through the Netflix app.

While many analysts were enthusiastic about the flourishing section of Apple services, not all optimistic. At an analyst suggested last week that Apple's service growth could slow significantly in 2019.

source: Business Insider

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