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"It's terrible": in basements Griesbach filled with raw sewage, as rain causes backups


On Saturday afternoon Brandon Rideout had to wear fishing to play around the cellar.

It flooded about two feet of sewage, and it stinks – bad.

Family photos, Christmas decorations and works of his two children sit drenched in dark brown water. Friday. Its washer, dryer, oven and hot water tank is also destroyed.

Rideout Rental houses – one of dozens of neighborhoods of Edmonton-Grysbah that flooded the human waste.

EPCOR said that sewer machine in the region have reached capacity after three days of heavy rainfall. If they are addressed, they do not know.

"It's just disappointing that they have just started to charge us an increase in electricity consumption in the waste water for $ 20 a month This is not like the drainage of waste water.", – Rideout said, kneeling in the mud.

"When I call EPCOR, no one will give me the dates when it will be fixed, what they can do to help."

Brandon Rideout makes its way into the water, which destroyed the training, sports equipment and indispensable art of his children. (Scott Neufeld / CBC)

Rideout said that his questions were not answered because the water level continued to rise. He does not know whether the insurance to repair the damage, if his family & # 39; I will be moved, and whether the basement sterilization in the near future.

"My house smells," he said.

"What are the health risks? It's human feces. It is safe to be here. Everything here is garbage."

"They are inseparable"

A few steps away, a wedding dress Susie Asaf sitting in the basement – now it's dirt dirty. Some materials for her sewing business immersed in putrid water.

Holy Saturday Asaf spent on the phone a few insurance companies, translating into Arabic for some neighbors who with & # 39 are new Canadians.

She said that she went from door to door, discussing what had happened to their homes.

"We can not use the toilet We can not use the water." – Assaf said. "They're inseparable."

Residents say that all 30 units of the block flooded basements. In the homes of more than five quarters of the same problem.

However, EPCOR said that they are aware of only 20 houses affected on Saturday afternoon.

Anthony Nardi, senior director of sewer operation of EPCOR, said he could not increase the rate of pumping sewage downstream without causing problems with customers even greater line.

"We do understand that this is a terrible situation and a great inconvenience to many customers," – he said, adding that riot additional crews were called. "We are working as quickly as possible, using the resources to really solve this problem as soon as possible."

Epcor crews were on Saturday in Grysbah, pumping water from the sewage. In terms of determining Ecpor no flooding. (Scott Neufeld / CBC)

At the same time, Nardi said that people should limit the use of water and apply to the insurance company with the instruction manual for cleaning.

"We look forward to during the dry out & # 39; I, that we were able to disarm the system and begin to move forward, passing farther downstream," – he said.

Despite the fact that dry out & # 39; e on Saturday could help with reserve resources, resident Ed Gee said that it is much worse: the smell.

"After we came back from lunch, it was horrible and I can only imagine that it will be worse and worse.", – he said.

"We have informed our insurance company. And I think that the worst thing we spend a week or … [however] it takes a long time at the hotel as they do not get the thing under control. "

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