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Jays Discussion FAQ: Does Toronto have found something in Eric Sogard?


In this regular feature, Blue Jays Talk host Scott MacArthur answers to some frequently asked questions about the Blue Jays.

I will limit my weekly preamble to this: Be late this week, when you can watch the Blue Jays and the Angels. Not only that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. played his first major league road game at the stadium in which his father played a major role, it will give you the opportunity to watch the Angels' Mike Trout.

Trout with & # 39 is the best baseball player, still only 26 years old, and if his car & # 39; EPA is over, I hope, many years later, we will discuss his name next to Babe Ruth, Mickey and the other among the best, if ever played the sport,

Questions this week …

Q. Let's give Vladimir Guerrero Jr. nickname. What should it be?

A. This responsibility is too great for me.

"Vlad Tepes" invented but said the nickname belonged to his father, Hall-of-of Famer Vlad Sr. With the original Vlad Tepes, he of the 15th century, after the Romanian tradition, was "Dracula" in its name, "Graf Smackula» has been suggested as possibilities.

I'm happy to leave his seat at the table of judges, and let others decide what, if any, a name other than "Vladdy", he should have.

Q. I love how this team oatmeal in the season!

A. It does not matter, but do not worry, I'm happy to weigh! As a rule, I oppose the intention of making out. Of course, most of the best players to record more than six out of every 10 times to the plate; I would like to believe, though, they are trying to reach base every time up.

I'll give you an example, where I did not mind a sacrifice bunt, and even then I did not give it 100 per cent approval, the reason for which I will explain how we go through it.

After Vladdy led off with a double in the ninth inning of his game debut on Friday night, Allen Hanson pinch ran for him, as a winning streak. Billy McKinney donated Hanson third.

Why I like it: This is one of those situations where you really played in just one pass. If the estimates Hanson, the Blue Jays win and there are many ways to Hanson kill from third base with less than two outs (a sacrifice fly in the outfield, increased base chance of hit due naked in the infield), not to mention the wild pitch or passed ball .

Why I do not like: This day and age, and deletions Teoscar Hernandez, because after McKinney, worked at 30 percent the speed of deletions in his young car & # 39; EASURES big league. Although Teoscar sun strike it aligns to the second baseman (bad outcome progress as he made hard contact, and it was a great reaction n & # 39; ECA Jurickson Profar, who played in the knock out work at home).

Brandon Drury eventually hitting a two-out, two-run home run to leave.

It turns out smut does not matter.

I understand that the concept is something heroic about ready to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. I just think that so few circumstances in which the result of the sacrifice bunt intentions match.

On to the Letters, Ben Nicholson-Smith & Arden Zwelling take supporters inside and around the Blue Jays MLB news, analysis and interviews & # 39; S.

Q. Why Charlie Montoya chips run Vladdy junior has twice?

A. The first of these two situations are contained in the head referred to above; decision to pinch-run, in this case, as with firebrands, I'm basically a good, but retain some reservations.

The second of the & # 39; appearance, to put it diplomatically, I did not want to.

To set the scene: Sunday, bottom of the ninth 1-1 tie, Vladdy singles with one out. Once again, Montoyo goes to a pinch-runner Hanson.

Vladdy ran counter three coma, and I believe it is you only consider pinch-running for him if he gets into scoring position. Runner on first base and one of them? Percent chance of winning is simply not high enough to remove the battered Vladdy five places in the order, replacing it with Hanson, knowing their turn may come again in extra innings. Who would you prefer up?

It turns out that it does not matter, because the tall Oakland closer Blake Train, walked Hanson in 11-half, apparently as part of his fatigue, caused by (Treinen rarely throws the second time in a & # 39; appearance – he broke the 10- d) melting, which ended with Brandon Drury game-tying three-run home run and, ultimately, Justin Smoak game-winning single.

Q. The Blue Jays have found something in Eric Sogard?

A. I'm answering questions about the players as Sogard, sending you to them Baseball Reference pages.

17 hits Sogard in his first 10 games, including at least one hit in every game, with the Blue Jays connects it with Yunel Escobar (2010), for the third longest hits in a row to begin tenure with the franchise (Dave martinez, 21 games in 2000, Roy Howell, 15 games in 1977).

Eric had two entrance by home runs against his old team, the Oakland, last weekend, adding to the excitement. His success adds length to the order, which was more with the arrival of Vladdy Jr.

However, the story dictates it will not last and whether it will be Sogard or Freddy Galvis, or someone else, ride a hot hand while it is happening. Sogard showed the possibility to get on base before working in a .393 clip almost 300 plate appearances with Milwaukee two years ago, so there is another reason than ever to hope for.

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