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Joe Smith gets probation, no jail time and probation for a year


Fellow Royal Newfoundland will spend next year on an internship for the tickets he issued after a traffic stop two years ago.

Joe Smith received a suspended sentence Tuesday morning for the sale of tickets motorcyclist my 12 2017.

"Smith did violate the public trust. I do not believe that he runs the risk of repeat offenders, "the judge said Mike Madden, giving its decision in court.

Madden said that he agreed with the attorney Smith that proposal, including imprisonment, would not be necessary.

Conviction will remain on record

Suspended sentence means that the conviction for obstruction of justice on Smythe's recording.

In its decision, of Madden also referred to the testimony of Marina X & # 39; yulet, a psychologist who treated Smyth.

Hewlett said Smith had post-traumatic stress disorder after a fatal shooting in 2015 the investigation it was found Smythe We use appropriate force in self-defense.

Smith's conviction follows from an incident in May 2017. (Mark Quinn / CBC)

Hewlett revealed that, in its view, Smith was not ready to return to work in May 2017, when the incident that led to Smith's conviction took place.

After returning to the operation, Smith pulled Syed Husaini and wrote him a ticket through a red light, the wrong passing cars, control between vehicles and with the defective tire.

All tickets have been rejected. During the trial process, Smith, to Husaini provided video footage from his motorcycle, which clearly showed the green light.

Smith is looking straight ahead as Husaini Syed enters the hall to testify in Smith's obstruction of justice trial earlier this year. (Mark Quinn / CBC)

Smith was charged with obstruction of justice after Alberta Sur & # 39; serious incident response team investigated. He was convicted of Madden in February.

Crown prosecutor asked for three-month suspended sentence, and said that it would be advisable for Smythe to serve it in the community, under house arrest. Lawyer Jerome Kennedy asked for a discharge or reprieved.

Both lawyers said that PTSD Smith should be taken into account.

He has been suspended without pay since July 2018.

Smith has the support of NRC Union, and there were several officers with him recently with a & # 39; court appearance.

Kennedy appealed the conviction in March. It is scheduled to be heard in June.

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