Thursday , November 26 2020

Kitchener to get more than 2 GO train for commuting in Toronto

Kitchener will receive an additional train journey in the morning and in the evening GO in 2019.

Morning trip to Toronto will be added at 5:40 am, extending existing GO trip, which starts in Georgetown.

Night trip that leaves Union Station in Toronto at 3:35 pm and arrives in Kitchener at 5:43 pm will also be added. This path has already ended in Georgetown, but will now be extended to Kitchener.

These trains will also stop in Guelph and Acton.

Expanded service was announced on Monday the Minister of Transportation of Ontario Jeff Yurek, who called it a step on the road all day, two-way GO service.

"I hope to make a big statement for 12 to 18 months, which will be carried out throughout the day, 2-way GO Transit," said Yurek.

According to him, while the area sees as GO GO bus and train connections, they are now focused on expanding rail service.

"We look at the bus in what sense and what works, but it's part of the current review, because in the end, it's about getting people to move," said Yurek. "We think if we want to get the economy moving, we need to make people move. The best way to get people to move in order to ensure that we have a regional transportation system. "

The new stop will cost the province $ 1100000 a year, according to Jurek.

New trip, which will be added to the graphics GO dated 7 January.

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