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Legendary Lake Trio Reported in the wild!


Coaches, reports came from all corners of the globe, recently announced that the Lake Trio is now available in Pokémon GO. Yes, I know that it would be expected, but that does not seem right that these reports say that Legendary Lake Trio can be caught in the wild, The fact that we have never seen before when talking about the legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

available information

As of now, there are a few things that we know, and the only knowledge we have on the basis of reports submitted by users. Of course, we are presenting this information and warnings grain for our readers. Stay tuned as we will update as more information becomes available.

Lake Trio Announced

Soon after the first reports began to arrive from Lake Trio to be available in the wild Pokemon GO took to Twitter, to announce his presence, but what they say is vague, like everyone else.

Reports Spawns

As of now, only 2 of the 3 members of the legendary Lake Trio reported, leaving the coaches are scratching their heads even more, because it is what is happening. Something seems to affect their appearance, perhaps, however, is the presence of large bodies of water.

Credits for these images are in Kelven.


regional Spawns

Currently, there is no indication that this would be so, but based on the fact that until now Azelf not only been reported from America and Uxie from the Asia-Pacific region (Presumably, Mesprit will be reported from Europe) we believe there is a high probability that they spawn can be tied to specific regions of the world.

We will keep you informed of specific regions, if it is a fact.

CP Number and Catch rates

If it is true that these legendary Pokémon are currently in the wild, we believe that it is important to note a few tidbits of information.

Loans in mathematics goes themedic.

  • It turns out that until now, each product of various members of the Lake Trio was not the same CP (Azelf spawning in 1967 CP, Uxie spawning in 1266 year)
  • The base rate on Trio lake fishing seems to 1%, but if you use Razzberry and ultra Ball, the catch rate increased to 7%, which makes the Trio lake, some of the heaviest Legendaries catch Pokémon GO

concluding remarks

The best way to miss our views on the issue of the legendary lake trio would be wow. Just, wow. Niantic threw a complete Curveball, when it came to their release, and not just do it at unexpected times, but unpredictable actions.

Coaches, do you remember when at the beginning of Pokémon GO you will hear about the rare spawn next to you, and you and your fellow coaches will work to catch him? In order to get a chance to catch the Pokemon that you could possibly have never seen before? One thing is certain, Niantic returned to his roots with the release of the legendary lake trio, and I can not think of a better pokemon to get the coach worried meet in the wild.

Fun and stay safe, coaches!

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