Saturday , February 27 2021

Lottery retailers in Ontario cannabis starts on Monday

Process for those who want to obtain a license for the retail sale of cannabis begins Monday in Ontario.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario issued 25 licenses for the retail trade throughout the province, and only five of them are located in eastern Ontario.

It will include two selected for the "Northern Region".

This includes: Nipissing, Parry Sound, Sudbury, Sudbury, Timiskaming, Cochrane, ALGOMA, Thunder Bay, Rainy River and Kenora.

The draw will take place on January 11, but those who are elected will not automatically be licensed retail cannabis.

"We are starting with this lottery process to qualify people and to those who are interested are really interested and able to do financially," explained Raymond Kahnert, Senior Communications Advisor, AGCO.

AGCO will be obtained from the expression of interest submitted between January 7 and 9, and then those who apply will have the opportunity to apply for a license.

There is a fee of $ 75 to apply, and those who are elected will have five working days to turn into a full application with a non-refundable $ 6,000 fee and a $ 50,000 letter of credit.

"For some reason, they decided not to continue with the application, and then … the 26th person, or the next person in the eastern zone, will be able to apply," said Kahnert 1310 NEWS.

Although five licenses will be granted in the eastern province of Ontario, it remains to be seen how many of these stores will be in Ottawa.

The number of stores will depend in particular on the materials compiled.

This means that Ottawa can see everything, or even none of hemp shops.

That's how 25 licenses will be distributed across the province:

  • Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, will have five stores.
  • Toronto will have six stores.
  • GTA will have five stores.
  • The rest of the southern province of Ontario, excluding Toronto and the GTA, will have a total of seven stores.
  • Northern Ontario will have two stores.

Storefront in terms of cannabis will be allowed to open in Ontario as of April 1.

If Ottawa does not receive any of the pot shop, you may have to travel a little further than Gatineau. Unfortunately, none of the 12 cannabis Quebec retail stores are located in this city.

Société Québécoise du cannabis website says: "Due to the current shortage of supply, our stores will be open on Thursday to Sunday only."

It is not known when, or if, Gatineau will receive its first retail store hemp.

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