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Mark Zuckerberg requests the Government to help manage internet content


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Mark Zuckerberg wants a common set of rules that all technology companies should follow

Mark Zuckerberg says that regulators and governments should play a more active role in the management of Internet content.

In the op-ed published in the Washington Post, the head of Facebook says that the responsibility for monitoring harmful content from the & # 39 is too much for some businesses.

It requires new legislation in four areas: "harmful content, the integrity of elections, privacy and data portability."

It comes two weeks after the shot has used the site to its Livestream attack on a mosque in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Legislators often say to me that we have too much power over speech, and frankly, I agree," he writes Mr. Zuckerberg said, adding that Facebook was "the creation of an independent body, so that people can appeal our decision" about that wrote and that was demolished.

It also describes the new set of rules, which he would like to see in the life technology companies.

These new rules should be the same for all Web sites, he said, so it is easier to stop "harmful content" on the rapid spread on different platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg wants?

In short, Mr. Zuckerberg calls the following things:

  • The general rules that all social media sites should follow, forced other authorities to control the spread of malicious content
  • All of the major technology companies to release a report of transparency every three months to put it on a par with the financial statements
  • Stricter laws around the world, to protect the integrity of elections, with common standards for all web sites to identify the politicians
  • Laws that apply only to candidates and elections, but also to other 'controversial political issues ", and the law is applied outside the official period of the company
  • New industry standards to control how political campaigns use data to online voters
  • Other countries adopt laws on confidentiality, as the General Regulations of the European Union Data Protection (GDPR), which came into force last year
  • A "common global framework", which means that these laws are standardized throughout the world, and not significantly different from country to country
  • Clear rules about who is responsible for protecting people's data when it is transferred from one service to another

The open letter, which will also be published in some European newspapers, comes as the social network is facing questions about his role in the scandal around Cambridge Analytica misuse of data during election campaigns.

The site has also been criticized for being to stop the spread of shots Christchurch killings in which 50 Muslims were killed as they prayed.

Video broadcast on attacking Facebook page on March 15 before copying 1.5 million times.

Letter from Mr. Zuckerberg is not specifically described these incidents.

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Facebook faced criticism for being to remove the footage live streaming attacking Christchurch

However, the site had previously announced that it is considering the possibility of introducing restrictions on the live stream as a result of the attack Christchurch. On Thursday, he also said that it would ban white nationalism and separatism from the site.

On Friday, he also started the designated policy on & # 39; ads that appear on Facebook in the EU, showing who the advertiser is, how much they paid for and that they are directed.

"I think that Facebook is responsible to help solve these problems, and I look forward to discuss with lawmakers around the world," said Mr Zuckerberg.

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